Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Places Where The Spirits Still Roams

This is about my experience in places where there was a history about it.

#1, (for the very 8 _butt who wanted to know who got murdered), the shopping mall in Mutiara Damansara (name not mentioned but I guess you all know which mall) . As most of you already know there was a murder case when the mall was newly opened. Till today, each time I visit the place, walking the the murder scene I still can feel the spirit of the lady roaming around that area. At times, when I walk there I get goose bumps and feel my head a lil bloated...

#2, Section 19. Behind this Restaurant called Paris or Little Paris. There are plenty full of IT roaming around. My experience are plentyful there too. I go to that restaurant to eat once in a while and usually there aren't any parking lots in front of the restaurant and I have to park at the park behind. I heard stories of it before. It was said that during the Japanese occupation, the river there is a place where they chop of human's head. The river runs through Rothman's round-a-bout there. And there are stories of headless spirits roaming around there too... Another story is that, the place is one of the entrance for hell... so all the souls have to go there to check-in. Those trapped will be roaming around the area.

Later will update more.... gtg now...

#3, Just yesterday, was having a farewell lunch for my colleague in one of the one of those cafe in Taman Maluri Cheras. We were chatting and then we ended up talking about spirits and all... Both me and other colleague which can see these things also felt the presence of IT. I didn't see it but i felt the presence of 2 of IT. My other colleague saw it and was the exact same spot as I felt IT was. hmm.... apparently IT was there all this while. Must be someone who pass away there long time ago. 2 males. 1 old man the other i'm not too sure...

more to come....gtg now again...

#4, This happen some 9-10 years back. I was in the States for holiday staying in my cousin's apartment. One late nite, or rather wee hours in the morning about 2am, I was using the internet to chat with my fren back in Malaysia. Everyone was asleep only me left awake chatting all the way. The lights in the apartment was mostly off leaving just one or two lights on. Happily chatting away in the hall, then suddenly I saw a tall big size figurine waft through the wall. Stunt. I just told my fren. "Wait, I think I saw something". Looking at IT hovering through the wall and to the kitchen and thgough the kitchen wall to the next unit. Damn... I didn't eventhought I would see these things in the States. Tall and big build and he looks like a black man with bald head. I went to bed immediately after that. No more staying up late anymore.

The following morning I went around the apartment compound and guess what... on the ground floor, below the staircase, I've found, rice box with food and a spoon and a cup of water. Just like you see those chinese praying the at the road side during hungry ghost festival. Damn... I thought no one would do such thing in the States...

Sorry, I couldn't remember the name of the apartment. The location is in California. I will update the name of the apartment when I remember it.

#5, SS2 Petaling Jaya, intersection of LDP highway and Sprint highway. Near the Indian cemetary behind KDU and the vacinity. Anytime of the day, even bright sunny day, you can feel the chill of cold wind gushing through. Even then u walk opposite the entrance of the cemetary entrance along the houses. Try goin there different time of the day and nite and u will know.. hehehe... Historical record, there's a particular tree beside the cemetary along the LDP highway where a few cars has crash to that tree taking the driver's life. That tree till today still stands with minor scratches even the car was totally smashed up wraping that tree. FYI, that tree is not at all that big... That stratch has claim many lifes. Around 1 life per year.

Till the next story....

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Office Stranger

My office just located in between of Bukit Tunku, Parliament, Bank Negara and Lake Garden. That area is the only reserved jungle in Kuala Lumpur. The building is surrounded by tall and old trees. Most of the time we can see or heard wild animals around.

When I started work here, I used to stay overnight in my office just for my duty when needed, sometimes just for fun to accompany my colleagues. Our control center have to operate 24 hours per day.

One weekend night, it was heavy rain and I rushed back to the control center for my duty, the rain stopped late night and I decided to overnight next to the control room with my another colleague. He slept on a long table and I slept on a portable bed.

Into midnight, my colleague was snoring quite loud, and I just carry on my sleep. Suddenly I heard another snoring sound from the control center. The door between control center and the room I slept, I can heard the sound so clearly and I was wondering who else sleep there. That night just me and my colleague in the office only. Then I went to check it out, by the time I walked to the control center, the second snoring sound was gone. I thought it was an echo so I continue my sleep. Once I lay on the bed, the second snoring sound is back! I'm very sure the sound is from the control center, that time I just don't care anything and continue my sleep.

Another night, I went back to my office for duty again when heavy rain, this time the rain stopped early, so we decided to stand at the corridor outside for chit chat and smoke. During chit chat time, I saw another colleague at the other end of staircase going up to somewhere, I just let it be. The next day I asked that colleague I saw last night what he did going up there, he was shocked and answered me he never went to office last night! He was in the house whole night. So... who I saw that night?

One year during Hari Raya long holiday, at that time I was rushing to do my thesis for my part time degree, so I decided to stay in my own office room for few days to complete my thesis report. That few nights really challenging for me, I can heard many types of voices... footsteps, someone open my next room door, and the worst got the sound of OI!!! Sometimes I can smell some strange smell too. My own office room is different floor with the control center, no body will go up the that floor when it's out of office hour.

According my colleagues, every floor got different 'things', they already numb with the 'things' and just ignore it. Got one can change to someone's face and psychical, then I realized, maybe that night the colleague I saw was that 'thing'?

~The End~

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kid Hates Football?

Back to my school days, me and a group of friends like to play football every afternoon till evening. We used to play at my school's football field, sometimes we played other fields if the football field was not available.

One sunny and hot afternoon, as usual we went to our school field, it was occupied and we went to other field nearby, guess what, it also occupied. To release our itchy legs, we got no choice then went to a housing area playing ground to play our football. Then we started to play our game, it was so sunny and hot sun burning our body, we hardly see any clouds in the sky.

When we played until to the climax moment, suddenly the ball kicked out from the park and went into a drain across the road of the park. I was the goalkeeper that time and I have to ran across the road to collect the ball. When I reached to the drain, suddenly I heard some weird noise from a empty house next to the drain. That house was empty for years and it looks broken and down. Then I don't gave a damn I just collected the ball and back to the park continued our game.

After some moment the ball rolled to that empty house's drain again, then I went to collect it again, this time the noise is more clear and loud, I heard a kid's voice was crying and shouting in anger. I was stood for a moment, my friends heard that too and we all just stood there. Suddenly we heard dogs surrounding that housing area were barking and turn into crying sound. I felt something was wrong then I quickly collect the ball and ran into the park.

My friend asked where is the kid's crying sound came from? I just answered maybe is from other house and try to not scare everyone there. We took few minutes off for a short break and the noise was gone. After that we continued for our game, right just we started to kick the ball, the noise came back! This time is more louder and the dogs surrounding barked again with crying voice, at the same time the clouds turned dark and strong wind came suddenly.

I quickly stopped the game and told my friends we better get out of that place. We all went back home. The next day we were talking about it in school, one of my friend staying next roll of that house, he said at night no body dare to walk near that house because many people saw something from that house. I got that feeling too when I passed by that house every time. I asked my friend about history and story of that house, my friend don't know about it too, he just said he always tried not to use that road to go home.

After few years, got a rich fella bought over that house and renovated the whole house, since that we never heard any weird sound from that house. The road also turned to more brighter at night and everyone started using that road again. I never heard any weird story from that house since then until now. Maybe that rich fella find a 'feng sui' master to help renovated that house.

~The End~

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spirituals Caught in CCTV

This is a real incident happened in a office. This office is belongs to my old friend's friend. At the main entrance of the office, they installed a infra-red type CCTV to monitor who is going in and out. It also came with motion detector which any object is moving, the camera will start recording.

These two video clips were recording on the same day, it was early morning and still no body working in the office. The boss only found out this after few days later. The videos were recorded in digital format, they are not using 'video tape' to record it. If a video tape recorded repeat many times, we may see double image on the video. These video were recorded into VCD format, so there is no such thing of previous image appear on the screen.

Video 1

Video 2

So... What do you think?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Children Playground

This story is the continuous from the previous post about Hostel Mysterious.

After my first semester, we all have to move out from the hostel. Before the semester break, everyone was busy looking for house or room to rent. Me and a friend were looking for a room to stay together, finally we found a empty room to rent, the other room was rented by my old friend from my high school, he was recommended me to stay there.

The house is a kidnergarden at ground floor, and we all stayed upstairs of the house. Everyday we can see all those cute children in the kidnergarden, but at night will be very quiet.

During my stayed, I always got felt something is not right at the ground floor, I felt like somebody there but in fact we all were at upstairs, the main door was closed nicely and no body can entered to the house. I just don't care at all...

After few months later, it was "hungry ghost month", and as usual... me and my friend was listening to '988' ghost story program. Some of our housemates was busy with their assignment, so me and another housemate decided to listen the show at downstairs. I not sure was it my own imagination or what, I felt the ghost story from '988' was so scary during the "hungry ghost month".

While listening to it... suddenly a dog stop infront of our main door and started with the scary crying sound, that time me and my friend look at each other... we knew something is not right, we quickly ran to upstairs, then I saw other housemates also in fear. Then I told them, we all must stay close and be calm. After that... that dog ran to our back door and crying again! After few minutes then only the dog left, one of my housemate did saw the 'thing' passing by our house, but I only can felt got 'something'. Luckily nothing happen to all of us.

During the mid semester break, I have to stay back for extra 2 days there because I have to participate my Taekwon-Do tournament at UUM, don't misunderstand, I'm not took part in sparling, I only took part in pattern category ah... hehehe.

The first day of the mid semester break, all my housemates went back to their hometown and left me alone in the house.

On the first night, there was something that really surprised me. I heard a group of children playing at downstairs with the sound of cheer, chasing each other, tables and chairs moving sound... I was in the half sleep condition, I thought I was in my dream. But... until I heard the sound from the staircase, the sound is like you use a cane and dragged it on the staircase's railing with the 'ting ting tang tang' sound. The sound was so clear!!! I was wondering the sound only happened at downstairs and never came up to first floor.

Then I just plugged my ear with my earphone and play my walkman loudly and continue my sleep for the next day tournament. The next day, I saw all the tables and chairs were untouched!!! I'm pretty sure I was not in my dream, I still walk near to my door and listened everything what was happening at downstairs. That time I really not dare to open my door to see what was out there.

End of the semester, we all have to go for our industrial training, so we have to move out from the house, on the last day, then I only heard from others that next few doors of the house got someone suicide before by hanging himself in the house. The spirit still around that area and many saw the 'thing' sitting at the playground of the house we stayed!!! I used to sit at the playground at night with my friend and talk cock over there... don't the 'thing' got kaypoh come and listen or not? LOL...

~The End~

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hostel Mysterious

Back in January 1997, I got offered to study at Polytechnic in Jitra, Kedah. As a new student, we have to stay at the hostel for the first semester. During the 6 months staying in the hostel, I encountered lots of strange things. I heard alot of the encounter stories from my seniors about the hostel, but I don't give a damn at the beginning.

On the first night, my roommate fell sleep already after the first day orientation which made us very tired. When I was about to sleep, suddenly I heard someone walking outside my door. I thought must be my next door student, but the sound keeps on non-stop, sometimes IT walked like dragging the shoe, sometimes running and jumping! I was really pissed off that time and I decided to get up and tell the person to stop it. So I was waiting at my door and waited the sound right outside my door, when I opened the door... I saw nothing! I felt strong cold wind blow after me, I was thinking... the corridor surrounding by all hostel rooms, there is no way the wind can blow to corridor. I checked on next door, all the doors were well shut, so I knew there was something wrong and I quickly close the door and back to sleep.

On the next day I asked my roommate did he heard the noise, he answered me he was in deep sleep and don't know what was going on. I still never gave up and wanted to find the answer... but until now I still haven't get it. The sound can be heard almost everynight! That's why I have to sleep with listening to my walkman that time.

During mid-semester exam, I can heard even more weird sound around my hostel. Got one time, I heard a group of kids were playing in other corridor which connected to other block of hostels. As we know the sound transfer between corridor will have strong echo sound. I was wondering, how come my hostel got kids? I never seen any kids around my campus at all during day time, where the hell they came from? I can heard they were laughing, small bicycle sound and marble balls sound. I purposely went to toilet for a pee to check it out, the toilet just right at the corridor, when I pass by there... I don't see anything and the sound slowly get faded.

I remember that time, a chinese radio station 988 used to have 'encounter' show for 30 minutes long on every monday night. Me and some friends never miss the radio show, we always gather in a room and listening to it. One night, after the show, we were still excited with the stories and we started to talk about it. I was a clear and hot night, we can see the sky was clear and stars are everywhere. Suddenly in less than 5 minutes, the weather changed so dramatically, strong winds coming and thunder glooming so loud. We decided to stop the topic, and guess what? The weather changed to normal in less than 5 minutes too! On that night, some of my friends were disturbing by 'uninvited guest'. They can't move or talk at all until they chanting bible words then they only back to normal! They told me on the next day, and they were fall sick at the same time.

On the final exam week, the weird sound even more scary! Got one middle of the night, I heard someone shouting very loud like very helpless, the sound was like very struggled, I quickly ran out from my room and see what is going on. I see nothing again! Normally if we made some noise, other students will come warn us to keep quiet, but I saw everyone were so concerntrate on their revision. That's really weird, because the voice was so clear and loud for so long, but everyone seems like heard nothing.

According to my seniors' stories, the block I stayed which is block C, got a student accidently dropped in the upper roof the reservoir and died in there. For block A, got a student accidently dropped off from the staircase, and for block B got a student suicide before. What I discovered about these 3 blocks of the hostel, on the top floor (3rd floor), they always leave some rooms empty and lock it very tight. Although still got so many empty rooms, but the warden always told us no more rooms there. Does the rooms are reserved for 'them'?

My other senior told me, they were staying at 3rd floor, that floor really spooky all the time, got one time he went to his friend's room just for chit chat, his friend saw 'something' walk by the door, his friend suddenly feld unwell and passed away following week with 'unidentify' sickness! Doctor also can't identify what kind of sickness.

During my stay for the 6 months, I continuous sick for 4 months long! After the semester, we all have to move out and look for room or house for ourself. When I left the hostel, my sickness getting well right after that... Thank god!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Room Service

This happen to me a few weeks back when I was in Ipoh.

Went to Ipoh for a weekend trip with a friend of mine. We put up 2 nites in one of the hotels there. As many already know that most hotels are haunted, and I have heard so much of these stories for many of the hotels in Ipoh.

This is not a g~file expedition. I went there for a trip and stayed in this relatively new hotel. I stayed there before and it was quite nice actually. Very clean indeed.

First nite I shared a room with my friend. I had kinda of rough nite coz I was woken up at 4am by terrible feeling. I thought I was about to get sick coz I felt feverish and was sweating cold sweat. Didnt bother and tried to go back to bed and I manage to grab some 3 hours of sound sleep.

Come second nite, we had to move rooms coz my friend's gf was around and they had a room all to themself and I had to sleep alone. It was about 1am, I was still doing some stuff, I had a visitor in my room.

Something just swift by. A white figurine. Wearing a type of dress, a long flair type. Didnt get to see the head or rather no head, just float swiftly infront of me and went to the bathroom. DARN!
I was telling myself this is not a good sign.... I had no choice but to stay awake until I finish my work. Then after a while I just walk to the toilet and check it that thing was still there... I needed to pee, what can I do le... so look see look see it was gone.... phewww... manage to pee in peace...

Thank God!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Dark Day

This happen some time back... and I've blog this before so it's a copy and paste thing... now a days i malas to cerita cerita long long..

here it goes, it is a long story...

This day was just an ordinary day. Not any day in the 7th month in the Lunar Calendar. Just an ordinary day and if not remember wrongly, it was the 4th month in the Lunar Calendar. Ok this happen really long time back and I’ll try to remember as clearly as possible…
It was on a Saturday, my group of friends has planned this outing for some time already. We all went to Sunway Lagoon. On that morning itself I have a funny feeling… A gloomy day… Sky was gloomy too. Then I told myself “hey what the heck, just go out and have some fun!”. Looking at the positive side, thinking that this is a great weather to have fun out in the lagoon.
Incident #1 – When we reach there I accidentally locked my car keys in the car and also worst is the spare keys in the boot! Thinking that I might lock my keys in the car I brought the spare keys along…but stupidly left it in the boot… Then me and my fren, M, try to pick open the lock. We finally did but accidentally broke the door visor. So I told myself it’s a small matter… It’s all settled and we shall go have our fun.
Incident #1 happened in the morning… then we had our fun in the lagoon and I still didn’t feel right and trying to be very careful in everything that I do. Finally it was late evening and we decided to get out and have some food outside. Phew! Nothing happen during our fun time… I was so happy …
Incident #2 – We all went around Subang SS15 to have our dinner. There were 2 cars in the group and I was driving 1 and another was driven by my fren’s bf (then). Around the shoplot we drove to look for food and also parking. As some of you would know that there used to be a road divider near the Maybank, same row as the McDonalds, cutting across the road and hardly visible. Well my fren drove her bf’s car and crash through it.
Well, damn… there goes our dinner… we try to fix the tyres but no way we can coz 2 tyres were busted. So I had to drive the car owner all the way back to Sg Buloh to his house to grab another spare tyre. Whilst driving fetching him back to his house, along the way we all saw so many road accidents. Luckily most of it is very minor except for 1 which involves a motorcyclist. I was driving like a nerd looking at every mirrors and all directions fearing any vehicle might just dash out from the junction. Anyways we manage to get the tyres and went back to replace the wheels … oh … the total accidents we counted was bout 9 – 10 accidents to and fro Subang – Sg Buloh.
Incident #3 – After all that done and taken our snacks we headed back home. This is bout 2:30am when we left Subang. On our way back, I was driving Mr. M, Ms. A, and Ms. V. (these are real ppl and if you know them you can ask them, but dun bother to ask the 2 gals coz they will not speak of this incident again.) It was a cool morning. Definitely cool in the middle of the nite. We wound down our glass a lil and enjoyed the breeze while I took a very slow drive back. THEN, I spell some perfume powder smell. Thinking that the 2 girls seated behind playing some make up or perfume or something … so I blurted “wei, so late in the middle on the nite put what perfume la”. Mr. M added, “yah la…”I cant rber what else he said…then SILENCE! … I was wondering why the 2 gals suddenly went so quiet… I look at my rear mirror and stared at them. Their face literally went pale. They were sliding of the seat and on to the floor board. Then I as them again, “ Do you 2 smell anything?” . They both shrug their heads together… Mr. M was there saying “so strong smell you both also can’t smell anything?” In my heart I know we are screwed. I just remembered my dad use to tell me in the middle of the night do not say anything when you smell something really nice or stinking…
Only I and Mr. M could smell the scent. Then I just did what my dad thought me to do and the smell went off. Then Mr. M questioned “what did u do? What did you just did? How come the smell just disappears? Tell la tell la.” I told him we shall talk another day. Looking through the rear mirror of my car I know the 2 gals behind turned really pale.
This happen on the Petaling Highway or Lebuhraya Petaling, now is called LDP highway. LDP didn’t existed then.
Incident #4 – After that smell, as I was approaching a ‘T’ junction, the old junction turning to Chow Yang, which does not exist now, there is where I saw more ‘X’ files!
At the junction I could see 5 of IT. A couple, a young ‘lady’, old ‘man’ and I cant remember another one. I just drove pass it and was telling in my heart please don’t do us any harm. Then as I drove pass them they just stare at us. … Phew…
Then fetch everyone back and I didn’t have a good rest coz still thinking of the incident the following day…

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rumbling Bed

This is the real encounter story from Vera...

When people asked me if I have encountered anything paranormal, I’d usually admit not visually but I have experienced the presence of it.

A couple of years ago, I went on a short holiday trip with my family to Melaka. It was once of those occasions where you’d go with a couple of more families and each family will stay in separate chalets. As for me, dad booked us two chalets with adjoining rooms. I shall not give the name of the place I was staying in but I’ll describe how it looked like. Situated in Ayer Keroh, these chalets are Malay inspired chalets made out of wood. It’s surrounding consists of plenty of greenery. It’s actually quite nice for a relaxing trip, or so I thought.

Checked in, my folks occupied the other chalet that was connected to the one that I was staying with my brother. My two little cousins who were 6 and 8 respectively then, were running around as usual playing hide and seek as usual. Looking for any nooks and crannies as their hiding den. While they were doing then, Ben (my brother and I were to share another chalet) we decided to check out our rooms. Our first impression wasn’t a very good one already for the whole place was rather run down. The furniture’s were old and shabby and the lightings were dark. We conclude perhaps it’s because it’s rather old given it has been there for the better half of 10 years and it has seen its better days.

Amway, half an hour later, Ben and I were having a smoke outside (they have a verandah) and Jonathan (the little boy of 8) came running out from the chalet and started vomiting. We were concerned and asked him what happened. He said while he was hiding in the cupboard, he felt uneasy and as he came out his stomach quivered and he started vomiting. We gave him some panadol and did not think very much of it after that assuming it must be the lunch that he ate.

As the night wears on, we had dinner outside with the other friends and some of the mom was complaining that their room has got some funny ordour and one has got lights that do not seem to work when turned on but when you do not turn it on it flickers.

Perhaps it’s those stories that give me the goose bumps.

All was well, we had our dinner, hung around the verandah and proceed to go to bed. Ben was sleeping on the other bed while separating us was a mini bedside table. Since the floor is made of wood and planks it is easy to feel vibrations when there are people walking on it. So at about 12 am, I felt sleepy and proceed to bed. Ben was still reading, so I said my goodnights and went to sleep. As soon as I managed to get some shut eye, I felt like my bed was being pushed. I woke up startled. But did nothing, so I went back to sleep again and there it goes the same thing happened. And every time that happens it’s when I am about to doze off. At the back of my mind I thought maybe Ben was tossing on his side hence affecting my side too since the floors are made of planks. Came the third time I got so annoyed I told Ben to stop tossing and go to sleep. He indigently told me then that he wasn’t even moving at all and I could see then that he wasn’t for he has his pillow prompt at the back of his head and sitting upright still holding the book he was reading.

We took one look at each other and quietly knew that it must be something else and it’s definitely not him. I could feel cold sweat. Shit, is that thing residing beside me or what or is it listening to our bantering with each other. Gulp….

He told me quietly to go back to sleep which I tried but how to sleep or even move when you know you’ve got a visitor. When things could not get any better, I need to go to the toilet (after the amount of beers that I consumed that nite) and I was too chicken to actually walk to the loo which was like a few steps from my bed. I had to ask him to stand at the door his back facing me while I go about doing my business. I wasn’t even kidding. I was that scared. That I admit was the worst pee I ever had and not to mention the fastest.

Luckily nothing happened that night or maybe even if it did I was too tired then to bother.

Woke up the next morning and told mom about it and she told me that she felt that spooky feeling too when we entered the chalet the first time. She also told me (after we were back in KL) that she saw images that night in her room too near the cupboard where Jonathan was hiding.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Is It a Ghost Doctor?

This is the real encounter story by my blog friend, Pisang...

hi i'm pisang, this is my story.

I when for operation this year last march. I don't know how to start, well I think straight away after my operation

Just right after my operation and send back to ward.
you know after operation there are alots of tube and wire. All this is to keep monitoring your health and condition .

At my left side there is a pain killer fill with heroin drug. Each time i felt a pain I press the button and the drug flow into my body.On my right side a pack of blood go in to my body and a device that monitoring my hearth. Before my stroy goes , my bed id at the edge or corner and no space at all.

I think I was in half wake half sleep in 4 or 5 days.
During that time i saw i staff nurse always come and check my water dripping bottle and that nurse never appear in morning shift, afternoon shift and night shift.
Plus at 3 am
I saw 3 figure dress like medical student standing left and right at my bed one of them is female. I can see their face clearly.It is impossible medical student came at that time plus there is olni 1 doctor at night shift.

When i told my mum , my mum said she rest in lazy chair at right side of my bed... and no even small excess to my right side of bed....

Friday, September 01, 2006

Unknown Sound

My hearing is quite sensitive with sound since I was a kid, I had lots of experiences about weird sounds for my entire life. The only problem is I can't see IT, I only can hear and feel IT.

My earlier experience was when I was a kid, I always heard someone is calling my name in my house, the voice is just like my mum's voice. Everytime I heard my name I sure will run towards to my mum and answered her, she will said I never called u! This is weird right?

I'm living in a double storey terrace house in my hometown. I remember when I was a kid, almost every midnight I can hear the sound of marber balls falling at my next door neighbour's staircase. Sometimes can heard someone moving some furnitures sound. After so many years, then we only talk about it with my neighbour, the most shock me was they told us they thought the sound was from my house! Now, the marber sound no more since me and my brothers stop playing on it many years ago, but sometimes we still can hear furniture moving sound.

Got one time, my neighbour whole family was outstation and no body at home, they somemore past their house key for us to take care of their house. As usual late night, I was brushing my teeth and get ready for sleep, suddenly I heard next door washroom got somebody use it and somemore knock the wall just next to me like giving some signals. Then me and my family members quickly get the key and went inside the house to check it out, I affraid got thief, but... no body was inside the house. Is that weird?

Ok... during my study in Polytechnic, I was staying in hostel for the 1st semester. On the 1st night I heard someone walking like pulling the leg to walk outside my room door, the sound keep repeating, sometimes IT sounds like running and jumping. I thought must be one of the student playing around to release tension, so I decided to check it out. I waited the sound came close to my door and I quickly open my door, guess what? Nothing was there! The sound was so clear and loud, and I wonder why no body heard it even my roommate was sleeping half dead all the time.

When near to semester exam, I somemore can heard a group of children playing at the corridor. Hell... come on! Where got kids in my hostel? Somemore in the midnight! After that I heard someone shouting like helpless voice. I went out and check, there was nothing!

After I move out from the hostel, I rent a room with my another friend. There are few incidents when during holiday, I was forced to stay another few days because got Taekwon-do tournament, and I was alone at home. In the midnight I heard a group of children playing at downstair, for your information, the house is a kidnergaden. The sound was so clear and also play with staircase's steel bar 'tang tang tang' sound! During hungry ghost month, dogs around that area came right infront the house I stay and started bark with the sound of crying. It's really creepy!

I still can hear weird sound from time to time, but I just keep forward and pretend like hear nothing. Even in my office, one of the most haunted area here.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Choked by Invincible Hands...

Heard of stories people being "guai zhak" while staying is a hotel or some other places which is haunted? Very common rite...

Here is my encounter... some what similar to "guai zhak"...

Can't recall the dates but it happen in Section 17, Petaling Jaya @ one of those junctions there... I dunno the road name sorry....

It was at about 9pm or so... Have u happen to notice that in our chinese culture, when someone pass away, there will be candles lit up with the sign board at every junctions directing to the house where the deceased will be placed for prayers and all?

As I approach the junction the traffic light turns to red. I was the first car at the junction. Beside me was the candle lit up and the small lil signboard was there just beside me.

I turn and look at it and then look forward again. Waiting for the lights to turn green again.

Suddenly I felt a pair of hands choking me! Chest was heavy and I was coughing trying to breath.

I was still choking and coughing… Luckily the lights turn green and I couldn’t care if there were cars beating the lights which is very common in Section 17, I just accelerated and turn off that junction. Then I felt a sudden relief… Thank god that there wasn’t any motorcyclist in front of me also…

I rber people always says that those things like to ‘eat’ candles (dunno how true it is la) and I happen to bump into one and probably IT saw me looking at IT and got pissed off. Really thank god that IT didn’t choke me till death and IT was willing to let go……

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Uninvited Hitchhiker

It was one of those nite that I went to watch a horror movie. It was a midnight movie. If not mistaken it was ‘The Eye’. Feeling very creepy while driving back home bout 2a.m. Thinking it was my imagination running wild after that horror movie, I just didn’t bother and told myself it’s all in my mind. As I drove on back home, bout to reach my house I felt something behind me…

WHAT IS IT? Thinking it was just all my imagination that is scaring me … I look at my rear mirror. THEN… I just couldn’t believe what I saw! OH MY G O D !

Looking and staring at my rear mirror, I was really stunt.

I saw a male figurine, seated right at the center, in between the two front seats. Worst of all IT was leaning forward. This is the first time I can see IT so clearly. Male, age 30+, slim, Chinese, narrow face…. Ok this is not the worse yet… He has a bloody face. He looks like he is a victim of hit and run or murder.

My first reaction was I get the feeling that he was asking for help, very pitiful. It was like IT was trying to communicate with me. Then SNAP! What the f***! ! ! this is not human!!! I didn’t stop my car to fetch anyone nor hit any motorcyclist nor anyone or thing.

ARGH!!!! HELP!!!!

I started to shiver…. All I can think at that time is I need to get home quick. Well, I can’t just dump my car by the road and run for my life, can I?… Manage to get home and park the car outside and ran inside…didn’t care if that thing was following me or not…

Next morning I went to have a look in my car and hoping and praying that there are no blood stains on my back seat. Thank god there is no blood stain there…

End of story. Imagination? Or is it real? How real is real? You tell me… Till today the image of the guy's face is still in my head...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Behind You!!!

This is not a super impose or photoshop edit photo, it's real!!! My ex-boss gave me that. The guy in the picture is his son.

This incident happened last year but I can't recall when was it. My ex-boss' son and another friend went to a condominium somewhere in Shah Alam. During they were leaving, they were waiting for the lift, while waiting the lift arrived, they just simply snap some pictures through the camera phone. As you can see the picture quality is so bad. Then the guy in the picture was sitting at the kerb. There is no any structural or support behind the kerb or railing.

After taken the picture, the lift arrived and they were leaving. After that they look back on the picture... gosh!!! They only realised something was behind the guy. They really not believe it will happened. The guy who snap the picture didn't see anything behind that guy in the picture. Luckily, nothing happen on these two guys after that.

I'm so wondering... why we can't see cleary on 'that' face? It looks quite fake right? But I guarantee you all it's real! If they wanted to make it fake, who dare to stand or sit behind the railing? The fact is... there is no space for you to stand or sit over there. You judge yourself.