Friday, November 14, 2008

Ghost Umbrella

Note: This is another post contributed by Purple~Mushroom.


I blogged about this last year in my very own blog, but I thought it would be nice to re-post this in G-Files.

Sometime in July last year (2007), I bought a colorful rainbow colored umbrella. I went home and opened up the umbrella to admire it. That very same day, I fell sick. High fever that night, followed by sore throat and coughing.

There was a night I couldn't sleep and I dreamt that there is a ghost in my house. It was a man. He took the umbrella and tried to strangle me with it. I woke up with heavy sweating. I couldn't sleep well for a few days in row. There seems to be something there, disturbing me when I tried to sleep. I dunno what, but I was guessing that it may be the heat.

I told a few friends about this and all of them asked me to throw the umbrella away. My hubby freaked out when I sms him about it and he asked me to get rid of the umbrella ASAP. I did as they told me to. I placed the umbrella inside the lift and just left it there. I supposed someone will take it away, afterall, it was a brand new, nice umbrella.

After getting rid of the umbrella, I had a very sound sleep. My sore throat seems to be much better.

So.. is there really a ghost in my umbrella? Is this coincidence, or superstitious?

This is not the end of it. Last July (2008), I dreamt about this ‘man’ again. I knew it was the same man. I was walking alone in a garden and all of a sudden, I was chased by ‘something’. I got really scared. I reached a placed where there are fences all along the way. I turned to look into the fencing and saw that same ‘man’ sitting behind the fence and staring at me. I got so scared that I actually screamed out. My hubby woke me up and asked if I was alright.

Does this have any meaning or is it just another weird dream? What makes me wonder was why I dreamt of this man again when I did not even think about the previous incident? I hope I don’t dream of ‘him’ anymore. It’s eerie.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Knock! Knock!

Note: This is another post contributed by Purple~Mushroom.


This incident happened to my friend Patrick, who went for a business trip in SG. It happened many years back and he could not remember the name of the hotel now. This is the regular company corporate hotel and whenever he visits SG, he stayed at this hotel. All the rooms in this hotel is quite old and not in a perfect condition.

One particular trip, Patrick checked into a room. This hotel room has the usual room layout, where the wardrobe is just near the entrance opposite the bathroom. He did not feel uneasy and it was just another normal routine for him. That night, while Patrick was about to get to sleep, there was a soft knocking which seems like coming from the room corridor. The knocking became louder gradually but he did not suspect anything because he knew there were people in the next room as he could hear voices coming from the other room. He ignored the knock and slept on the first night.

On the second night, the same thing happened. He could hear soft knock coming from the corridor. The knocks become more intensified and it was like someone was banging on the door of the wardrobe. Patrick got very agitated as he could not sleep due to the noise. At this time, Patrick was quite sure that the knock is coming from inside the wardrobe… it sounded like someone was knocking from inside! Patrick walked to the wardrobe and opened the wardrobe door. He starred at the wardrobe, closed the door and went back to sleep. The noise was gone! No more knocking. He wasn’t afraid at that time because it didn’t cross his mind that it may be ‘something’ inside. He thought that the noise came from the next room.

It may really be some spirit inside the wardrobe, wanting to get out. So it just knocked and after Patrick opened the door, it came out and therefore, stopped knocking.
What do you think?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Is The House Haunted?

Note: This post was contributed by Purple~Mushroom. Stay tuned for 2 more stories will be posted soon.


When I was 7 years old, my family used to live in a house at Taman Supreme, Cheras. My parents had weird encounters here.

This is a double storey house, split level, with a dark hallway leading to the kitchen area. There is study room along the hallway. My parents never fell right while living here.

  1. My brother, who was 1 yr old that time, felt sick all the time. There was once where he had a terrible fever that lasted for many days.
  2. Each time my mum walk past the hallway, she felt cold and gets goose bumps.
  3. My dad has 2 白眼圈 birds. Before we moved to this house, the birds never sang. But once we moved into this house, the birds sang like crazy everyday! They also flew frantically in the cages, as if they were scared.
  4. My dad did not felt right in that house and could sense that something is always there.
  5. My mum dreamt that there is a small person running around the house and my mum was trying to catch this person and ask him to leave.
Nothing went right when we lived in this house. We were there for less than 6 months when my parents decided to move out. They never investigated on the history of the house but they believe something is inside. They also have the idea that the landlord knew something was not right but kept quiet about it. No wonder the landlord treated my parents so nice even though the house was rented so cheaply to my parents.