Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do You Like To Collect Sea Shell? (Part 2)

part 2.. (continue from previous post)

Not long after she disposed the seashells, her sleep was interrupted again. This time, every time she closes her eyes she can feel that as if someone is breathing to her face. And when she opens her eyes, her boyfriend is sleeping, facing the other side. And sometimes she felt like as if someone is sleeping in the middle of the bed because she will slide to the middle.

One day her aunt came to visit her. So she brought her aunt to visit each and every single room in her house. Suddenly her aunts' face turned green and asks her to go out for a drink. At the restaurant, her aunt told her that she saw a lady sitting on the floor next to the bedside. The manager got so stunned and again she asked the fengsui master to come to her house. The fengsui master stayed with her in the house for a while to monitor what was happening in the house. And he noticed the "lady" follows the manager in her house wherever she goes even she sleeps. And the "lady" likes to sleep in between her and her boyfriend.

Immediately she sold the house and rent a house somewhere else until she found a new house. No one knows where the "lady" came from but one thing for sure; she didn't follow the manager to her new house. Probably she is staying with a new owner now….So, have you bought a house recently in Cheras?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Do You Like To Collect Sea Shell? (Part 1)

Note: This post is contributed by Sasha from her real encounter story.


One of the managers in my previous working place used to love to collect sea shells whenever she travels. She stopped doing it and she threw away her whole collection. Why?

Right after she brought back the seashells from her first trip, she cannot sleep in peace anymore. Whenever she closes her eyes, someone will whisper to her in Thai language. Sometimes in Chinese. Sometimes she doesn't even know what language it is. She was about to go cuckoo because she just cannot sleep. So she planned for a get away holiday. And when she went to sleep in the hotel room, she hears the same person whispering to her again.

She suffered for quite some time. She even moved her house and still she hear people whispering to her. Then she brought the fengshui master home and straight away the fengsui master asked her "Did you bring back anything from your recent holiday?" Then she replied "yes I bought many things". Fengsui master said "No, not the stuff that you buy. The stuff that you picked up from he ground or anywhere from the roadside." Then she remembered and showed him the sea shells she proudly displayed under her coffee table.

The fengsui master brought her out of the house and explained to her. There are "things" living in the seashells that she brought back. And immediately she remembers that her sleep was interrupted after she brought back the sea shells from Phuket. (after the tsunami incident)

That explains why she hear people whispering to her. The "things" living in the seashells are lonely and asking her to accompany them. The same day she throw away all the seashells and from that day onwards she can sleep peacefully but not for long...(to be continued)