Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ghost Lady Sang Along With Mum

Note: This post is contributed by Purple~Mushroom from her real encounter story.


This incident happened when I was 1 year old. Of course, I never remember any of this but my mum always tells this story whenever we talk about ghost encounter.

It was either year 1977 or 1978. That day was Hungry Ghost festival, timeline around 7pm. It was drizzling that day. My parents were staying at Cheras, and there was a Chinese cemetery behind the housing area. My parents, me and an Indian maid was home that time.

My mum started to sing me a song, the ‘Ma Ma Hao’ song, if anyone knows. When she was singing halfway, she could hear someone singing along with her. It was a lady, and the voice was shaky, and coming from the stairwell area… as if the sound was ‘flying in’ from above. My mum stopped, then told me: “Girl, u listen, Ani is singing” (Ani is the Indian maid).

My dad grabbed my mum’s hand and said: “You listen carefully… how can an Indian know how to sing Chinese song?” At this time, the ‘lady’ continued signing… and she sang the whole song till the end of the song! My mum was like: “uh oh… so early meh???” Both my parents goose pimples and bulu roma started standing. Nothing they could do. After that, there was silence. My mum went to ask Ani: “Did you sing?” Ani answered no. Can you imagine my parents reaction and feelings at that time?

The next day, they told this incident to my aunties. My aunties, being superstitious people, they went to buying those Chinese praying stuffs and started praying around the house. My mum thinks that they did it wrongly, because that night after they prayed, the wind blew so strongly like something was very angry and fierce! Then my aunties brought my parents to see a medium (those where some God entered their body). The medium told my parents not to be worried. He says that this ghost lady was passing by and heard my mum singing. So, she joined the fun and meant no harm.

Nothing bad happened after that. But to be on the safe side, my parents moved out of the house the following month.

This story always brings chills down my spine. I have goose pimples all over while i was writing this. If i could sing the song as demonstration, it would be better. But i can't and I hope you guys can imagine the sound of it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Black Tall Figure at Seremban 2

Note: This post is contributed by Purple~Mushroom from her real encounter story.


This happened to my parents a few years back. My parents are always adventurous when comes to houses. One day, they were at Seremban and they went to Seremban 2 to admire some of the semi-Ds and bungalows there.

They are always wondering how the actual layout of the houses are. So, when they saw a house with the doors unlock and opened, they stopped the car and walk into the house to explore.

My mum went in first. She looked around the hall. My dad then came in and just when he was about to enter the house, he saw a tall, dark figure ‘flying’ upstairs. My dad says this figure is black in color, and he asked me to imagine Darth Vader… of course, without the helmet thingy la. He says it’s black and very tall. My mum was about to walk into the kitchen and my dad called her and went to grab her and pull her out of the house.

They went into the car and my mum was still very puzzled and asked my dad what happened. My dad can’t say it until they left the Seremban 2 area and exited the KL-Seremban highway. His bulu roma and goose pimples were all over for the whole day and he was pale… even back in KL, his bulu roma and goose pimples still did not return to normal.

My dad figured that this ‘thing’ that he saw, actually meant no harm and went upstairs because it saw people coming into the house. I think its true, cause if that thing is really that harmful, I think my Dad fell sick liao. But thank God my Dad was ok.