Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spirituals Caught in CCTV

This is a real incident happened in a office. This office is belongs to my old friend's friend. At the main entrance of the office, they installed a infra-red type CCTV to monitor who is going in and out. It also came with motion detector which any object is moving, the camera will start recording.

These two video clips were recording on the same day, it was early morning and still no body working in the office. The boss only found out this after few days later. The videos were recorded in digital format, they are not using 'video tape' to record it. If a video tape recorded repeat many times, we may see double image on the video. These video were recorded into VCD format, so there is no such thing of previous image appear on the screen.

Video 1

Video 2

So... What do you think?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Children Playground

This story is the continuous from the previous post about Hostel Mysterious.

After my first semester, we all have to move out from the hostel. Before the semester break, everyone was busy looking for house or room to rent. Me and a friend were looking for a room to stay together, finally we found a empty room to rent, the other room was rented by my old friend from my high school, he was recommended me to stay there.

The house is a kidnergarden at ground floor, and we all stayed upstairs of the house. Everyday we can see all those cute children in the kidnergarden, but at night will be very quiet.

During my stayed, I always got felt something is not right at the ground floor, I felt like somebody there but in fact we all were at upstairs, the main door was closed nicely and no body can entered to the house. I just don't care at all...

After few months later, it was "hungry ghost month", and as usual... me and my friend was listening to '988' ghost story program. Some of our housemates was busy with their assignment, so me and another housemate decided to listen the show at downstairs. I not sure was it my own imagination or what, I felt the ghost story from '988' was so scary during the "hungry ghost month".

While listening to it... suddenly a dog stop infront of our main door and started with the scary crying sound, that time me and my friend look at each other... we knew something is not right, we quickly ran to upstairs, then I saw other housemates also in fear. Then I told them, we all must stay close and be calm. After that... that dog ran to our back door and crying again! After few minutes then only the dog left, one of my housemate did saw the 'thing' passing by our house, but I only can felt got 'something'. Luckily nothing happen to all of us.

During the mid semester break, I have to stay back for extra 2 days there because I have to participate my Taekwon-Do tournament at UUM, don't misunderstand, I'm not took part in sparling, I only took part in pattern category ah... hehehe.

The first day of the mid semester break, all my housemates went back to their hometown and left me alone in the house.

On the first night, there was something that really surprised me. I heard a group of children playing at downstairs with the sound of cheer, chasing each other, tables and chairs moving sound... I was in the half sleep condition, I thought I was in my dream. But... until I heard the sound from the staircase, the sound is like you use a cane and dragged it on the staircase's railing with the 'ting ting tang tang' sound. The sound was so clear!!! I was wondering the sound only happened at downstairs and never came up to first floor.

Then I just plugged my ear with my earphone and play my walkman loudly and continue my sleep for the next day tournament. The next day, I saw all the tables and chairs were untouched!!! I'm pretty sure I was not in my dream, I still walk near to my door and listened everything what was happening at downstairs. That time I really not dare to open my door to see what was out there.

End of the semester, we all have to go for our industrial training, so we have to move out from the house, on the last day, then I only heard from others that next few doors of the house got someone suicide before by hanging himself in the house. The spirit still around that area and many saw the 'thing' sitting at the playground of the house we stayed!!! I used to sit at the playground at night with my friend and talk cock over there... don't the 'thing' got kaypoh come and listen or not? LOL...

~The End~