Friday, September 01, 2006

Unknown Sound

My hearing is quite sensitive with sound since I was a kid, I had lots of experiences about weird sounds for my entire life. The only problem is I can't see IT, I only can hear and feel IT.

My earlier experience was when I was a kid, I always heard someone is calling my name in my house, the voice is just like my mum's voice. Everytime I heard my name I sure will run towards to my mum and answered her, she will said I never called u! This is weird right?

I'm living in a double storey terrace house in my hometown. I remember when I was a kid, almost every midnight I can hear the sound of marber balls falling at my next door neighbour's staircase. Sometimes can heard someone moving some furnitures sound. After so many years, then we only talk about it with my neighbour, the most shock me was they told us they thought the sound was from my house! Now, the marber sound no more since me and my brothers stop playing on it many years ago, but sometimes we still can hear furniture moving sound.

Got one time, my neighbour whole family was outstation and no body at home, they somemore past their house key for us to take care of their house. As usual late night, I was brushing my teeth and get ready for sleep, suddenly I heard next door washroom got somebody use it and somemore knock the wall just next to me like giving some signals. Then me and my family members quickly get the key and went inside the house to check it out, I affraid got thief, but... no body was inside the house. Is that weird?

Ok... during my study in Polytechnic, I was staying in hostel for the 1st semester. On the 1st night I heard someone walking like pulling the leg to walk outside my room door, the sound keep repeating, sometimes IT sounds like running and jumping. I thought must be one of the student playing around to release tension, so I decided to check it out. I waited the sound came close to my door and I quickly open my door, guess what? Nothing was there! The sound was so clear and loud, and I wonder why no body heard it even my roommate was sleeping half dead all the time.

When near to semester exam, I somemore can heard a group of children playing at the corridor. Hell... come on! Where got kids in my hostel? Somemore in the midnight! After that I heard someone shouting like helpless voice. I went out and check, there was nothing!

After I move out from the hostel, I rent a room with my another friend. There are few incidents when during holiday, I was forced to stay another few days because got Taekwon-do tournament, and I was alone at home. In the midnight I heard a group of children playing at downstair, for your information, the house is a kidnergaden. The sound was so clear and also play with staircase's steel bar 'tang tang tang' sound! During hungry ghost month, dogs around that area came right infront the house I stay and started bark with the sound of crying. It's really creepy!

I still can hear weird sound from time to time, but I just keep forward and pretend like hear nothing. Even in my office, one of the most haunted area here.


Las montaƱas said...

Could be due to the contraction of furniture. Used to have teak furniture last time, and you can hear the furniture 'creaking' sound at night and sometimes in the afternoon!!

Kenny Ng said...

[las montanas] no... it's moving sound, not creaking sound and somemore it's very clear.

Mr.Goober said...

i used to hear furniture moving sound too..

don't scare me man.

Kenny Ng said...

[mr. goober] at midnite? check with ur neighbour n see.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I used to hear kids playing outside my house when i was staying up late studying for my exam. But it didnt came into my mind during that time abt what they are.

Seok Thong said...

Hi, i'm new here! Enjoying all of those stories.

I hear always sounds of playing marbles and moving furnitures at the flat that we are living now (my parents still live there but me not). The sound came from upstairs. Before, there was a family living there. So, i thought it could be the children but after they moved, the sounds are still there! It's creepy!

There was one time too when my friend and i rent a room in Wangsa Maju, section2 during our college days. That house is really creepy! My friend and i stayed in the same room and we went home every weekend as we stay only in Kepong. So, there was one night, i went back to the rent room and my friend was already sleeping soundly. The corridor was dark and when i open the door, i heard my friend calling my chinese name. I reply "why?" and then she didn't say anything and called me for 2 times more. When i went inside the room, she was sleeping and the next day i asked her whetehr she was trying to scare me but she said no. Mayn things happened in this house..It's scary.