Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kid Hates Football?

Back to my school days, me and a group of friends like to play football every afternoon till evening. We used to play at my school's football field, sometimes we played other fields if the football field was not available.

One sunny and hot afternoon, as usual we went to our school field, it was occupied and we went to other field nearby, guess what, it also occupied. To release our itchy legs, we got no choice then went to a housing area playing ground to play our football. Then we started to play our game, it was so sunny and hot sun burning our body, we hardly see any clouds in the sky.

When we played until to the climax moment, suddenly the ball kicked out from the park and went into a drain across the road of the park. I was the goalkeeper that time and I have to ran across the road to collect the ball. When I reached to the drain, suddenly I heard some weird noise from a empty house next to the drain. That house was empty for years and it looks broken and down. Then I don't gave a damn I just collected the ball and back to the park continued our game.

After some moment the ball rolled to that empty house's drain again, then I went to collect it again, this time the noise is more clear and loud, I heard a kid's voice was crying and shouting in anger. I was stood for a moment, my friends heard that too and we all just stood there. Suddenly we heard dogs surrounding that housing area were barking and turn into crying sound. I felt something was wrong then I quickly collect the ball and ran into the park.

My friend asked where is the kid's crying sound came from? I just answered maybe is from other house and try to not scare everyone there. We took few minutes off for a short break and the noise was gone. After that we continued for our game, right just we started to kick the ball, the noise came back! This time is more louder and the dogs surrounding barked again with crying voice, at the same time the clouds turned dark and strong wind came suddenly.

I quickly stopped the game and told my friends we better get out of that place. We all went back home. The next day we were talking about it in school, one of my friend staying next roll of that house, he said at night no body dare to walk near that house because many people saw something from that house. I got that feeling too when I passed by that house every time. I asked my friend about history and story of that house, my friend don't know about it too, he just said he always tried not to use that road to go home.

After few years, got a rich fella bought over that house and renovated the whole house, since that we never heard any weird sound from that house. The road also turned to more brighter at night and everyone started using that road again. I never heard any weird story from that house since then until now. Maybe that rich fella find a 'feng sui' master to help renovated that house.

~The End~


Anonymous said...

abandon use house what i heard is this thing love to stay, because all is 'chi'
and this thing will leave after the good 'chi' is take over.

K :y nno :D said...

hmm.... tat master is not a feng shui master i guess...he must be a ghost buster!

_butt said...


I always have bad feeling about empty houses.. imaginations are all running in my head..

ic3_que3n said...

how come you never investigate why got crying sound since the last time you in hostel so brave open the door?

Anonymous said...

yah... u r right.

[k :y nno :d]
nop... is feng sui master... coz they changed the whole house layout.

yeah... empty houses really haunted.

that time I still not brave enough ma... somemore the main door of the house was locked.