Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do You Like To Collect Sea Shell? (Part 2)

part 2.. (continue from previous post)

Not long after she disposed the seashells, her sleep was interrupted again. This time, every time she closes her eyes she can feel that as if someone is breathing to her face. And when she opens her eyes, her boyfriend is sleeping, facing the other side. And sometimes she felt like as if someone is sleeping in the middle of the bed because she will slide to the middle.

One day her aunt came to visit her. So she brought her aunt to visit each and every single room in her house. Suddenly her aunts' face turned green and asks her to go out for a drink. At the restaurant, her aunt told her that she saw a lady sitting on the floor next to the bedside. The manager got so stunned and again she asked the fengsui master to come to her house. The fengsui master stayed with her in the house for a while to monitor what was happening in the house. And he noticed the "lady" follows the manager in her house wherever she goes even she sleeps. And the "lady" likes to sleep in between her and her boyfriend.

Immediately she sold the house and rent a house somewhere else until she found a new house. No one knows where the "lady" came from but one thing for sure; she didn't follow the manager to her new house. Probably she is staying with a new owner now….So, have you bought a house recently in Cheras?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Do You Like To Collect Sea Shell? (Part 1)

Note: This post is contributed by Sasha from her real encounter story.


One of the managers in my previous working place used to love to collect sea shells whenever she travels. She stopped doing it and she threw away her whole collection. Why?

Right after she brought back the seashells from her first trip, she cannot sleep in peace anymore. Whenever she closes her eyes, someone will whisper to her in Thai language. Sometimes in Chinese. Sometimes she doesn't even know what language it is. She was about to go cuckoo because she just cannot sleep. So she planned for a get away holiday. And when she went to sleep in the hotel room, she hears the same person whispering to her again.

She suffered for quite some time. She even moved her house and still she hear people whispering to her. Then she brought the fengshui master home and straight away the fengsui master asked her "Did you bring back anything from your recent holiday?" Then she replied "yes I bought many things". Fengsui master said "No, not the stuff that you buy. The stuff that you picked up from he ground or anywhere from the roadside." Then she remembered and showed him the sea shells she proudly displayed under her coffee table.

The fengsui master brought her out of the house and explained to her. There are "things" living in the seashells that she brought back. And immediately she remembers that her sleep was interrupted after she brought back the sea shells from Phuket. (after the tsunami incident)

That explains why she hear people whispering to her. The "things" living in the seashells are lonely and asking her to accompany them. The same day she throw away all the seashells and from that day onwards she can sleep peacefully but not for long...(to be continued)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Haunted Playground

Note: I got this video clip from my friend through email, it was told the place is in Putrajaya but after my friend searching around, Putrajaya doesn't have this kind of playground. So the actual place still unidentified.


This video reminds me during my primary school days, I did saw this kind of phenomena happened in my school. It was a sunny afternoon recess time, I was playing along with my friends in the playground, suddenly one of my friend was standing still and look at the other side, when we called him, he never replied us. So we were curious and look at the direction he was looking at, and we saw one of the swing was moving itself just like the video clip below.

Imagine, the other swings were not moving but only one was moving. The movement was exactly like someone is sitting on it and force the swing move forward and backward. I still remember that time was no strong wind, how can the swing move itself? After few years that playground became a new block of the school, but still got many weird incidents happened around that area.

Let's analyst the video clip...

So, what do you think? Is that real?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Sad Ghost Story

Note: This post is contributed by Purple~Mushroom from her real encounter story.


This is another true life event that happened long time ago, when my mum was still young (about 10-12 years old). It also involves my aunty Ah Hui. Those of you who have read the story Grandma Got Possessed will know that Ah Hui is my youngest aunty (from my mum’s family).

My mum’s grandma used to live in the far side of Semenyih. They have a younger daughter; let’s call her “May” for reference here as I do not know her name. May was in love with a young man at that time, and they used to sit under a huge frangipani tree right in front of the house to chit chat everyday.

One day, May suddenly committed suicide. No one knows why. She drank a bottle of acid. Her throat and internal organs were all badly burnt. She vomited on her bed and still has the strength to wash all the bed sheets and hang them up to dry. Then, she lay on the front porch, waiting to die as she did not want to die inside the house. When her family found her in the morning, they rushed her to the hospital. The doctors were surprised that she could still talk after all the burns. She talked to all her family members and her brothers and asked them to take care of the parents. Then, she died.

On the evening that she passed away, at her funeral, her boyfriend, devastated, sat at the living room of her house, looking out. Suddenly, he saw May riding on a bicycle returning to the home. He shouted at her, calling out her name and then he fainted. What he saw was her spirit.

On the very same funeral night, my aunty Ah Hui saw the ox head and horse face (牛头马面) !!! They were dragging May home, maybe for her to see her family (we don’t know why). According to aunty Ah Hui, they are very, very tall, about 7-8 foot, one dressed in black and another in white, and May has her hands and legs chained. She could also hear the sound of the chain! Cling-clang-cling-clang. Aunty Ah Hui was shocked and speechless…. She was just a little kid at that time and she could still remember their face very clearly. Eerie!

After this incident, the family member could still hear May coming home and fetch water from the well (that time, they used well). They could also hear her cry at night.
The family later found out what happened. The frangipani tree has a spirit. That spirit fell in love with May, and made her killed herself. The spirit also supported May to do all the washing and talking despite the terrible burns after drinking the entire bottle of acid!

In my opinion, May die a really pitiful death. It’s not her will to commit suicide and but something else made her did it. But committing suicide is a big sin. I think that is why she was being locked and brought back by the two tai kor Ox Head and Horse Face. Sometimes, we (me and my cousins) wondered whether the frangipani tree spirit got to be with her after all it has done to May. It is really a sad incident. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Grandma Got Possessed

Note: This post is contributed by Purple~Mushroom from her real encounter story.


My grandma passed away in 2004. I remembered I was in Bangkok for work at that time. When I heard of the news, I was feeling sad that whole day. A few months before she left this world, something terrible happened. She got possessed. I wasn’t there at that time, but I managed to get my cousin sister, Yen, who was the first witness to tell me what happened that night.

Before I start, I need to make clear the following people:

Yen – My cousin sister, first witness
Ah Hui – my youngest aunt, Yen’s mother
Ray – Yen’s eldest brother
Ah Ma – my grandma
Ah Ku and Ah Kim – My mum’s youngest brother and his wife (they stayed with my grandma)
Aunty – Ah Kim’s sister
The 3 kids – Ah Ku and Ah Kim’s 3 young kids
Tua yee – my eldest aunty
Tai kor – my eldest cousin brother, also, Tua yee’s eldest son
Yee kor – my second eldest cousin brother, Tua yee’s second son

Note that Yen’s family, Tua yee and Ah Ku’s family are within the same housing area, just a few houses away.

I will be writing this story as Yen, exactly how she told me.

So, the story begins…

It started around 8-9pm Friday night, I remembered it was Friday night because I just came home from college that day. My mum told me Ah Ma just got discharged from the hospital, she is very weak and asked me to go visit her at her house. So I went down to her house. Only the 3 kids and Ah Kim’s sister were there. Then Ah Kim's sis (aunty) told me Ah Ma is sleeping in her room....very weak, so I went to her room...the door wasn’t close. I just peep from outside the door. They didn’t turn on the lights.....so it is dark inside. I just peep for awhile....then I went to the living hall.

About 15 minutes later, I went to peep again. This time, I could see Ah Ma moving. She was coughing. She turned her head and looked at me. I didn’t want to scare her so I called her “Ah Ma”. Then she asked me “Who are you?” (ni shi shui?) I told her, I am Yen. She seems to be blur. I thought she must have taken the medicine so maybe blur and can’t recognize me. So I told her again...”I am yen, your granddaughter”. It seems like she wanted to move, wanted to get up from the bed. Then aunty also came to the room, and asked her not to get up, worry that she might fall. Grandma does not listen and still trying to get up. So, we went into the room and turn on the lights. We asked her to take good rest and she lay down again.

In just a very short moment, she opened her eyes again. This time, she looked very pale and seems very blur. Then she asked me the same question: “Who are you?” I told her, “I am your granddaughter la, don’t move, lie down and rest” Aunty became worried and asked me to call my mum (Ah Hui). So I called my mum and minutes later, she came. As usual, she was mumbling and complaining. She asked what happened. Aunty explained to her that she is worried because Ah Ma looked very pale and weak. Then mum went into the room. She ask Ah Ma in Hokkien: “What is wrong?” Then Ah Ma opened her eyes… wide and big. She asked Mum in mandarin: “Who are you?” This is weird because they used to speak in Hokkien, not mandarin. My mum replied: “I am your daughter la... Ah Hui ah” Then Ah Ma answered: “Go away, go away. You all go away!” While she said go away....she keep trying to wake up from the bed. My mum blocked her and laid her back to the bed again. Then she fell asleep again, in just split seconds. We all felt something is wrong. Everyone start to get worry. Aunty suggested to send grandma back to hospital coz she says grandma is weak. Then we started calling Ah Ku and Ah Kim but couldn’t get through. No one dare to stay at Ah Ma’s room. We all sat at the dining hall, trying to call people for help.

I worry that Ah Ma may wake up and fell off the bed, so I went to her door and make sure she is ok. While I was standing at the door, Ah Ma suddenly turned her head and looked at me. Her face looks green, her eyes are big and wide open and she has a smiley face. I got so shocked and frighten and I screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” My mum scolded me… she says ”You crazy ah… so loud wanna frighten Ah Ma” Then I said “Ah Ma... what are you doing?” I asked my mum to see… she came and says what happened. At that time, Ah Ma already sat up and she is sitting at the bed. We rushed to her bed. Ah Ma’s eyes still rolling big and wide. Everyone panicked. We asked the 3 kids to say the prayers (Ah Ma and Ah Ku’s family are Christians) My mum held Ah Ma and laid her back to the bed, asking her to sleep. We all went panicked… and we were desperately looking for people. We called Tua yee. In a matter of minutes, Tua yee came together with Tai kor and Yee kor. My brother Ray came too.

All the guys went into Ah Ma’s room and they all shouted ‘AH MA! AH MA!” It seems like something else is inside Ah Ma. Ah Ma keep wanting to get up from her bed. She tried to take off her clothes. Then all the guys stand by the bed and hold her down. Then we started to see Ah Ma’s teeth. She was growling and roaring…. Grrrrr…grrrrrr……. Eyes rolling big and wide... very fierce. It is very scary at this time. We all knew that this is not Ah Ma. Ray tried to say some Buddhist prayers in his heart and Ah Ma rolled her eyes big big and looked at him! That thing inside her knows that he is praying!

We called the ambulance. Then the pastor came. He said some prayers but it wasn’t any good at all. Ah Ma’s eyes was rolling big looking at the cross hanging on the wall. The ambulance came. All Malay men. They told us that Ah Ma is not sick. They say that she kena rasuk. Then those Malay men used their doa, or whatever, and then used their palm to cover Ah Ma’s eyes. Everything was calm after that. They send her to the hospital.

This is Yen’s part of the story.. My mum, upon hearing this, rushed from KL to Seremban hospital. The story continues in the hospital as the ‘Thing’ has not leave Ah Ma alone yet. More to come. But I need to interview more people because I wasn’t there to witness all the excitement. Hah! But seems like the Malay doa was very useful to calm the ‘thing’ down. Till today, when Yen thought about Ah Ma’s green, smiley face with big, wide eyes, she still gets the shivers. Everything that happened is done by that ‘Thing’. When Ah Ma finally regained conscious, she does not know what happened.

We all suspected this ‘Thing’ came with Ah Ma from the hospital. Coz, before that, Ah Ma was in hospital a few days for asthma. We also suspected that the house which Ah Ku was staying was not ‘clean’. Ah Ku doesn’t like us to mention this. But the kids told us they always hear people singing in the house at night. Well… what do you think?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ghost Lady Sang Along With Mum

Note: This post is contributed by Purple~Mushroom from her real encounter story.


This incident happened when I was 1 year old. Of course, I never remember any of this but my mum always tells this story whenever we talk about ghost encounter.

It was either year 1977 or 1978. That day was Hungry Ghost festival, timeline around 7pm. It was drizzling that day. My parents were staying at Cheras, and there was a Chinese cemetery behind the housing area. My parents, me and an Indian maid was home that time.

My mum started to sing me a song, the ‘Ma Ma Hao’ song, if anyone knows. When she was singing halfway, she could hear someone singing along with her. It was a lady, and the voice was shaky, and coming from the stairwell area… as if the sound was ‘flying in’ from above. My mum stopped, then told me: “Girl, u listen, Ani is singing” (Ani is the Indian maid).

My dad grabbed my mum’s hand and said: “You listen carefully… how can an Indian know how to sing Chinese song?” At this time, the ‘lady’ continued signing… and she sang the whole song till the end of the song! My mum was like: “uh oh… so early meh???” Both my parents goose pimples and bulu roma started standing. Nothing they could do. After that, there was silence. My mum went to ask Ani: “Did you sing?” Ani answered no. Can you imagine my parents reaction and feelings at that time?

The next day, they told this incident to my aunties. My aunties, being superstitious people, they went to buying those Chinese praying stuffs and started praying around the house. My mum thinks that they did it wrongly, because that night after they prayed, the wind blew so strongly like something was very angry and fierce! Then my aunties brought my parents to see a medium (those where some God entered their body). The medium told my parents not to be worried. He says that this ghost lady was passing by and heard my mum singing. So, she joined the fun and meant no harm.

Nothing bad happened after that. But to be on the safe side, my parents moved out of the house the following month.

This story always brings chills down my spine. I have goose pimples all over while i was writing this. If i could sing the song as demonstration, it would be better. But i can't and I hope you guys can imagine the sound of it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Black Tall Figure at Seremban 2

Note: This post is contributed by Purple~Mushroom from her real encounter story.


This happened to my parents a few years back. My parents are always adventurous when comes to houses. One day, they were at Seremban and they went to Seremban 2 to admire some of the semi-Ds and bungalows there.

They are always wondering how the actual layout of the houses are. So, when they saw a house with the doors unlock and opened, they stopped the car and walk into the house to explore.

My mum went in first. She looked around the hall. My dad then came in and just when he was about to enter the house, he saw a tall, dark figure ‘flying’ upstairs. My dad says this figure is black in color, and he asked me to imagine Darth Vader… of course, without the helmet thingy la. He says it’s black and very tall. My mum was about to walk into the kitchen and my dad called her and went to grab her and pull her out of the house.

They went into the car and my mum was still very puzzled and asked my dad what happened. My dad can’t say it until they left the Seremban 2 area and exited the KL-Seremban highway. His bulu roma and goose pimples were all over for the whole day and he was pale… even back in KL, his bulu roma and goose pimples still did not return to normal.

My dad figured that this ‘thing’ that he saw, actually meant no harm and went upstairs because it saw people coming into the house. I think its true, cause if that thing is really that harmful, I think my Dad fell sick liao. But thank God my Dad was ok.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Office encounter

Kuala Lumpur. Thursday, May 31, 2007. 2:50pm. In my office. Received a buzz in my phone and it was my colleague.

F: Whei. Come down quick!
Me: Go down for what?
F: Come down le. quick quick.
Me: Where? Which floor? server room izzit?
F: No. Just one floor down.
Me: okokok.

So I went down to see what is goin on. She told me that there is something downstairs in the server room. Apparently all the aunties on that floor knew that I can feel and see the g thing. So they ask my colleague to call me and get me to accompany her to the server room to check it out.

I asked her what happened. Here is what she told me. She was reconfiguring my BlackBerry in the server room. Whilst waiting for it to run, she went and do a lil packing in the server room. After moving some stuff she continue configuring the device. Then, she heard someone or something vibrate some metal sheet leaning on the wall. The metal sheet was shaken until it fell on the floor.

So, I asked her what does she want me to do? Even if I can see or feel but I can’t do anything. I’m no ghost buster… if I am I think I can make more money than sitting my fat arse here. But I did go into the server room and I told her a lie. I say where got la… nothing oso…

Here is my feelings when I enter the server room. As I have blog about it previously that my office has a live in spirit. He has moved from the 2nd floor ground floor. There are 2 small store rooms in the server room. When I enter the server room I have a lil uneasy feeling. Well, everytime I go near the room or the toilet behind also have this feeling, just that I won’t bother about it. So I went to see the mess that was made and evaluate the situation. Just put it this way, the metal sheets was placed firmly leaning against the wall. She showed me how the metal sheets vibrate from the inside and how the metal sheets fell on the floor.

I then went to scout in the store room and when I open the door to the store room nearest to the metal sheets I felt there is a presence of a being in it. Well I didn’t say anything and told my colleague it is nothing. Dun wanna scare her anymore.
She still didn’t dare to go into the server room alone. I had to accompany her until I my device is configured.

Well, what can I say, my office is housing this being for a long time. Reason I called it a ‘he’ coz he let me see him before. My bosses know and they feel it. They just wont talk about it. At times he will just ask us to stop what ever we are doin and get out when we are working late esp my colleague in the server room. They both knws there are extraterrestrials in the office as they were ‘disturb’ by it before.

-<-THE END->-

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Believe It Or Not

This is the real encounter incident from me more than 8 years in construction site experienced. If anyone of you been any construction sites, do you realised that most of the construction sites will have a 'Datuk Gong' in there?

It's not only a believe for Chinese, I can see all races of workers in construction sites believe in it. Usually they did some prayers before start of a project to avoid any nature act disaster on the site, they called it as 'God of Land' to pray before start any project.

Back in my first year working in construction site in Bayan Baru, I really met lots of weird incident happened nearby my construction sites. One of it not far from my site, they never did any prayer before start work and also never placed a 'Datuk Gong' in the site. From the beginning of the project, the piling work delayed more than 2 months. They did try many methods and different machines to drive in the piles but all failed! They not even able to drive in the fist pile, every piles they drove in were broken or the machine broke down. Imagine my site can drove in all the piles nicely.

After that someone has told them to make some prayers because the land is not 'clean' at all, after they did some prayers, the piles can drove in nicely immediately. I really can't explain it how it works. I really saw it with my own eyes.

Got one incident in my site, one day the contractor tried to shifted the 'Datuk Gong' to another location because it interrupted the road access, on that day the site had a serious accident, a steel roof trust about 150 feet long 5 tonnes weight collapsed during the installation. I was escape from that because so coincidence I got concrete test at the same time, I was suppose to go that location to check some steel bars. I was really lucky that not involved in that accident, if not I won't able to survive. That accident caused 3 workers injured and luckily no one died.

Sometimes, some workers forgot to pray at the 'Datuk Gong', at night they saw something in the construction site. Is that so powerful? Well... I can't explain it, but I really experienced it many times, I heard something was out there.

Even all international factories such as Intel, Dell, and many more also requested the contractor to go through the prayer process before and during the project. So how do you explain it?

The End

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Who Was In The House?

This is my real encounter story happened in my previous house I rented with my friends.

It was in the evening after I came back from office, the weather was quite bad and going to rain. I was home alone, one of my housemate went outstation for few days and another one should be reach home soon.

I was in a hurry and ran into toilet and did a big business (shitting). Suddenly I heard someone was open the main door, then closed it. The sound was normal like someone came back, so I thought my housemate came back home already.

Then I heard a special SMS ring tone, so I was very sure that my housemate was back, he was using that ring tone for SMS on his mobile phone. So I don't care so much and carried on my big business. After that I heard my 'housemate' was sitting at the living hall with pulling the chair sound. Then the sound just went quiet, I was thinking maybe he was resting on the chair.

After when I finished my big business and clean up myself, I came out from the toilet. Guess what? I found out no body in the house!!! I really can't believe what I heard all the sound, then I called up my friend to reconfirm everything. My friend picked up my call and replied me he was still in his office!!!

I felt very chill at that moment, I still can't believe it and I still keep on searching the whole house to see anyone in the house. It's impossible, I was alone in the house. How can the sound so real? How can it be I heard the ring tone that only my housemate special customised it on his mobile phone which no body use it?

I still don't believe it, then I went to check my housemate's car was it in the car park? I don't see his car. After few hours my friend came back, he asked why looking for him? I just replied... 'nothing, just thought wanna ask you for yam char'. I never told him what was happening until now.

So... who was in the house?

The End

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Haunted Office

This is the real stories from my own experiences...

I no longer working in this office since I changed to a new company. It's been 5 years I working in this office. This office is located in a reserved jungle in Kuala Lumpur, which opposite of Bukit Tunku (Kenny Hill). For your all information, there are full of government offices.

Back in my first year work in that office, I used to stay until late night or overnight in that office due to some emergency work. The first few times I don't feel or heard anything weird happened. Until one night, I was on call duty and back to the office on a weekend late night, I decided to stay overnight there since it was so late.

After the work done, I slept in the control center room with my another colleague who work in night shift. In the midnight I was waken up by something, I not sure what was that, but when I woke up, I saw my colleague still in deep sleep and snoring so loud. The most weird thing is... I heard a second snoring sound in that room! The snoring sound is from the other corner and I'm very sure the sound is not from my colleague because he just slept next to me. At that time, just only me and my colleague in the office.

This is another story... it was festive season and public holiday, I never went back to my hometown because I was the only person who on duty. That time I was busy with my part time study final year thesis, so I stayed in that office for few days to complete the paper work. It was my most worst moment to stay there during that few nights in my life. The whole office only left another colleague who have to stay in control room, and I was in my own office room all the time, both of us were in different floor. I always heard 'someone' is knocking my door, got table or chairs movement sound from my next door room. I really felt I was not alone on that floor.

Sometimes I got some weird intercom calls. My phone rang and when I pickup, no body was talking and I only heard some noise that like radio out of signal sound. When I looked at the display and make sure from which extension, the display showed nothing!

One time I went to my Headquarters to help me friend do some works, my headquarters just few blocks away from my office. It was going to late evening, we heard someone was running upstairs. For your information, the floor is made from concrete but the running footsteps sound is like running on a wooden building! The sound keeps repeating from one end to another end, so I decided to check it out who was there. When I was at that level, I see no body on that floor. Then I went to check with the security guard, guess what he told me? "That's normal and there is 'something' out there!"

After I checked with some colleagues who work many years there, all also told me the same answer, each floor got different 'Thing' out there and got one even scary... it can changed to a person face exactly the same, one of the guard met before and he told me, he was open the door early in the morning before we all came to work, suddenly he saw one of our accountant was sitting on her desk then slowly faded and gone. Another colleague saw 'another' person walking on the corridor at night, in fact that person was not in the office! That's really scary!

The End...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Holy water??? !@#!$!@$#!#%#!%!

A quick post of my recent encounter...

This happens in my dad's office in USJ. This incident happen not too long back and is still happening.

Some lil rascal just love to springkle water out from the toilet. This was what I first thought.

I felt water springkled on my hands and face from the toilet entrance and I went to check it out. To what I know, no one went in and out of the toilet. But I still went to check it out and there was no one there.

In front on the toilet entrance there is a partition board about 7 feet high. When I felt the water I was behind the partition board opposite the toilet entrance. So I went to check it out. I was cursing an swearing in my heart "which idiot have nothing better to do than to sprinkle water over the partition!" I walk towards the entrance of the toilet and no one was there. I ask who was in the toilet, and guess what, no one was even near there, not even to mention anyone walk in or out of it.

I then felt strange and confronted my dad. He told me, "shh.... not so loud. don't wanna let the staff know, if not she will be too frighten". Then I was thinking..what the...ttooott is all this??? My dad said he felt it sometimes and the staff felt it before too.

Apparently, the tenant upstairs is playing with 'guai chai' or 'lil ghost'. They use the 'lil devil' to bring them more income. When this lil devil is free they are very very playful. There is an airwell in the toilet and the 'guai chai' can come down through it. I told my dad, why not ask the thing not to come down and disturb ppl. My dad told me he did but that lil rascal is just being cheeky. Told IT not to disturb the peace but he just wanna play in the toilet area and he will not go any further than that.

From then on, I felt it a few more times. This happens when the tenant upstairs move in about 2 years back. Guess what business they are running? Beauty spa for ladies.

They use to have a security guard at the door way of the entrance and the guard has complaint to my dad many thing up there. The guard left and many guards come and go... now they don't have a guard anymore.

Well, all I can say is good luck to the patrons of the spa.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Haunted School

Note: This stories is contribute by Pauline de Pianist.

There're many stories told by my friends when they stay overnight in school for cocurricular activities. I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but I'll list them down.

# 1 My friend who is a police cadet, he and his friends usually stay overnight at school for camping. The first night they only slept at around 5-6am, they heard some footsteps along the small road beside the school hall. At first they didn't really care about it, but later the sounds got louder and louder. And soon they could hear someone marching on the road. They were confused cuz everyone was sleeping that time. And so they came out and had a look. Nobody was there. They went back to their campsite but they heard the marching sounds again.but this time when they stood on the road, they still could hear the sounds very clearly. They were terrified of it and rushed back to the camp and sleep. Later that day they only knew that our school was once a Japanese army camping site where they would wake up early at that time to march in the field...

# 2 There was once an incident where someone committed suicide in one of the class in my block. Before that someone said that when he went to that classroom and find something, he saw a gal, facing the windows with her back facing him. He didn't know who she was and he called her. And when she turned her head, it's like 360 degrees turn. Like any human beings, he was shocked and ran out from that class. Now we can see there are Buddha statues in that classroom.

# 3 It's undeniable that because the Japanese army has killed a lot of people during the time, the dead bodies were dumped in our school. So previously, it was a cemetery before the school was built. Many things occurred in our school, there were cases in our gals toilet[the 3rd one] where they said it's haunted and those people using it at night would feel that they were being looked by someone. There was once case last year when one of our band member made fun of ghost and in the end the ghost went into his body. He was like suffocating that time. Lucky was that his friend called our canteen worker, who knows a lot of things in this school, to come and help them and solve this problem. Now he didn't dare to make jokes of ghost already.

# 4 My good friend,also my classmate who sits beside me related this story to me. She's a Chinese Orchestra member, and once she was the head of a camp. She and her members have to sleep in the school hall. Before that,they would go to the toilet situated near our bengkel to take a bath. As the head, she has to check everyone whether they were already asleep or not and also to check whether anyone still in the toilet. Alone she was that time. She told me that she remembered she had locked all the toilets to ensure nobody was fooling around there and that only she has the keys to the toilets.Yet in the morning,when they went to the toilet again, one of the toilets was opened and water from the pipe was streaming non stop,causing the whole place very wet. Everyone was shocked about that cuz they knew no one went to the toilet and is impossible that my friend would have done it since she is quite a careful person and was sleeping together with them too. Till now, it's still a mystery to her..

# 5 This one is true, I can say. Fengshui state that yin is always more than yang when it comes to cemetry, right? And because our school is built there. Is like the school has been cursed. Each and every year, one of the students who graduated from Form 5, will be sacrificed. Mostly he or she will meet in a car or motor accident. My eldest and my second brothers' friend died in the car accidents when they graduated from Form 5, or going to Lower 6. This year there was a graduated Form 5 student died in accident too, but i'm not sre whether that person is from our school or not. It's a pity where innocent people passed away just like that.I just graduated from Form 5 and so i'm always thankful to God that I'm safe and sound and i do hope my friends around me is safe too.just have to pray that this year will pass quickly..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Places Where The Spirits Still Roams (II)

... Continue from previous post.

#6, Penang Island, the main road in between Union High School and Penang Turf Club, it has a slight corner on that stretch, used to be a deathly spot those days. Many cars banged to the same tree and died on the spot, the tree is not that big, but after so many accidents the tree still standing until now and only minor scratches. I used to passed by that road at night last time by riding my bike, I can felt extra cold although I still don't know that spot was the deathly spot. Got one time I was riding too fast and almost lost my control to that spot. I realised that when you drive or ride fast over that stretch, you may see the road is straight and not a slight corner. Now the local council installed barrier over there, but I still can feel 'weird' feeling everytime I passed that spot at night.

#7, Penang Island, Greenlane. A corner house next to the main road, now is a lamp deco shop. Last time was a resident house, but no one can stay long in the house. In day time the house looks very rotten and old but at night it looks nice like a castle. I heard that the house has changed many owners and none of them can stay longer. My friend stays nearby the house and he told me no matter how renovate that house, the 'thing' still haunting that house. To overcome the problem, now that house changed to be a lamp deco shop and all the lights will be on during night time. You can see that house just after the underpass and just located on your left at the traffic light.

#8, Penang Bridge, when the bridge opened for public not long (in mid 80's and early 90's), there have lots of 'weird' cases happened. My neighbour saw a dog running cross the bridge and he tried to avoid that dog then he hits to the divider, luckily he just got minor injury. How come have a dog running cross in the middle of the sea? Another case, my friend's brother was riding his bike back to Butterworth during midnight, in the half got a lady stopped him and asked him to fetch her, at the beginning he didn't felt any weight on his bike, half way through he realised that lady was headless! He rushed back home and the next day he fell sick for 2 weeks. Got one time I was driving in the midnight, I saw lights coming very fast from my mirror, I thought a car coming very fast and I switched to left lane to let the car pass, after few seconds, I don't see any car passing me and I looked at my mirror, I saw nothing behind me. Got many suicide cases on this bridge too, one of them was my English teacher when I was in remove class.

#9, Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, last time used to call Jalan Maxell, the road just in between of Bank Negara and JKR Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. When I was first year working in KL, during heavy rain at night, I have to back to my office for duty, my office driver came to fetch me and another colleague, when passed by the JKR office, I saw a person wearing yellow rain coat standing at the back of a building. That person was standing at 2nd floor at the back of a building. Then I observed the 'Thing' carefully, I don't see any legs and the 'Thing' was just like floating and the head was moving followed our car movement! Next day I went to check on the building, there is no access to go through at the back of the building. According to some of my colleagues, that stretch of the road really got 'someone' wearing yellow colour shirt walking around during night time or early morning before sunrise. They saw IT before!

To be continue...