Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rumbling Bed

This is the real encounter story from Vera...

When people asked me if I have encountered anything paranormal, I’d usually admit not visually but I have experienced the presence of it.

A couple of years ago, I went on a short holiday trip with my family to Melaka. It was once of those occasions where you’d go with a couple of more families and each family will stay in separate chalets. As for me, dad booked us two chalets with adjoining rooms. I shall not give the name of the place I was staying in but I’ll describe how it looked like. Situated in Ayer Keroh, these chalets are Malay inspired chalets made out of wood. It’s surrounding consists of plenty of greenery. It’s actually quite nice for a relaxing trip, or so I thought.

Checked in, my folks occupied the other chalet that was connected to the one that I was staying with my brother. My two little cousins who were 6 and 8 respectively then, were running around as usual playing hide and seek as usual. Looking for any nooks and crannies as their hiding den. While they were doing then, Ben (my brother and I were to share another chalet) we decided to check out our rooms. Our first impression wasn’t a very good one already for the whole place was rather run down. The furniture’s were old and shabby and the lightings were dark. We conclude perhaps it’s because it’s rather old given it has been there for the better half of 10 years and it has seen its better days.

Amway, half an hour later, Ben and I were having a smoke outside (they have a verandah) and Jonathan (the little boy of 8) came running out from the chalet and started vomiting. We were concerned and asked him what happened. He said while he was hiding in the cupboard, he felt uneasy and as he came out his stomach quivered and he started vomiting. We gave him some panadol and did not think very much of it after that assuming it must be the lunch that he ate.

As the night wears on, we had dinner outside with the other friends and some of the mom was complaining that their room has got some funny ordour and one has got lights that do not seem to work when turned on but when you do not turn it on it flickers.

Perhaps it’s those stories that give me the goose bumps.

All was well, we had our dinner, hung around the verandah and proceed to go to bed. Ben was sleeping on the other bed while separating us was a mini bedside table. Since the floor is made of wood and planks it is easy to feel vibrations when there are people walking on it. So at about 12 am, I felt sleepy and proceed to bed. Ben was still reading, so I said my goodnights and went to sleep. As soon as I managed to get some shut eye, I felt like my bed was being pushed. I woke up startled. But did nothing, so I went back to sleep again and there it goes the same thing happened. And every time that happens it’s when I am about to doze off. At the back of my mind I thought maybe Ben was tossing on his side hence affecting my side too since the floors are made of planks. Came the third time I got so annoyed I told Ben to stop tossing and go to sleep. He indigently told me then that he wasn’t even moving at all and I could see then that he wasn’t for he has his pillow prompt at the back of his head and sitting upright still holding the book he was reading.

We took one look at each other and quietly knew that it must be something else and it’s definitely not him. I could feel cold sweat. Shit, is that thing residing beside me or what or is it listening to our bantering with each other. Gulp….

He told me quietly to go back to sleep which I tried but how to sleep or even move when you know you’ve got a visitor. When things could not get any better, I need to go to the toilet (after the amount of beers that I consumed that nite) and I was too chicken to actually walk to the loo which was like a few steps from my bed. I had to ask him to stand at the door his back facing me while I go about doing my business. I wasn’t even kidding. I was that scared. That I admit was the worst pee I ever had and not to mention the fastest.

Luckily nothing happened that night or maybe even if it did I was too tired then to bother.

Woke up the next morning and told mom about it and she told me that she felt that spooky feeling too when we entered the chalet the first time. She also told me (after we were back in KL) that she saw images that night in her room too near the cupboard where Jonathan was hiding.


Kenny Ng said...

Nice story, I got similar experience when I was in Fraser's Hill. Someone just pushing my bed. Anyway... what kind of image ur mom saw?

Mr. Goober said...

wow, i just found ur blog.
g-files huh??

so this is where u share all ghastly encounters??


Kenny Ng said...

[mr. goober] yes, u found the right place :) wanna share some stories?

Mr.Goober said...

my stories..

unforetunately i think i can't see anymore ghost after a prayer last time :P

maybe when i have time i can write my past experience

Kenny Ng said...

yes... as long as ur own experience story is good enaugh. U r most welcome to share with us.

Anonymous said...

My friend is experiencing her bed shaking. A spirit, perhaps?

nawooz said...

my mom told me a similar story as well about beds.

dad used to be in sales and travelled a lot. mom used to tag along with him to keep him company. i was around 2 years old and sis was just a small baby, when my dad had to go to kuantan. on a tight budget, we stayed at cheap hotels.

during the night, my sister kept crying the whole time. once my mom picked her up from the bed, she would quiet down. mom decided to swap beds between us. this time, it was me who started to cry. i would stop as soon as i was up from the bed. in the end, mom gave up and put my sis and i to sleep with my dad. she slept on the bed alone.

that's when she heard voices above her head. it was a conversation between two people. one was telling the other person how my mom was in their bed. the other said, let's pull her hair. my mom felt her hair being tugged at. she tried to scream but nothing would come out. she tried calling my dad for help, but could not. in the end she chanted a prayer and finally could move.

turns out the budget hotels couldn't afford new beds. they bought the old beds from the hospitals and re-furbished them. it belonged to someone i guess.