Thursday, January 01, 2009

Lady in Black

This post is related to my previous post titled 'Stranger', this time I got more witnesses about weird things happened in the 'villa 1'.

Since the Dubai government implemented 1 villa 1 family policy, the officers spotted my colleagues stay at one of the villa (villa 1), they gave them a warning notice to move out on certain period, if not action will be taken on all tenants in the villa.

Then my working company got no other choice to rent more apartments for all the staffs to move in as soon as possible. Finally the company found more apartments for all staffs to stay without fear anymore.

Everyone were ready to shifted out from Villa 1 on weekend here, everything was in order and everyone has their own apartment to shift in. It was a massive shifting and everyone were tired during late evening.

One of my colleagues went back to the Villa 1 to pick up his last pack of stuffs, that time no body in the villa anymore, it was quite dim inside the villa, when he was about came out from the villa, suddenly he felt like someone standing at the staircase, so he just turn around to see who was there...

In a sudden, he saw a lady who wearing black Arabian women suit standing at the staircase looking at him, and he saw the lady's face full of lashing marks with blood stains. He was shocked for a moment then straight ran out towards to car and asked another colleague to drive out faster!

He never told what happened until they reached to their new apartment, after he told the incident to other colleagues, majority of them only told the truth, most of them experienced it in the Villa 1 when they stayed there...

One of them saw the same thing at corridor, another one saw a black shadow moving around, meanwhile another said saw the 'thing' at one of the rooms door while watching TV, the other one heard lady crying in the house middle of the night... So my conclusion all also saw or heard the same 'thing'.

I believe that 'lady' was being abused or tortured before, but I not sure where 'she' came from. I stayed at the Villa 1 before, but I never encountered any weird in there back in more than a year before. After I shifted out then I only heard some weird stories from my colleagues who stayed in that Villa. Now the villa is empty, I not sure the next tenant to stay in that villa will experience the same thing?