Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Places Where The Spirits Still Roams

This is about my experience in places where there was a history about it.

#1, (for the very 8 _butt who wanted to know who got murdered), the shopping mall in Mutiara Damansara (name not mentioned but I guess you all know which mall) . As most of you already know there was a murder case when the mall was newly opened. Till today, each time I visit the place, walking the the murder scene I still can feel the spirit of the lady roaming around that area. At times, when I walk there I get goose bumps and feel my head a lil bloated...

#2, Section 19. Behind this Restaurant called Paris or Little Paris. There are plenty full of IT roaming around. My experience are plentyful there too. I go to that restaurant to eat once in a while and usually there aren't any parking lots in front of the restaurant and I have to park at the park behind. I heard stories of it before. It was said that during the Japanese occupation, the river there is a place where they chop of human's head. The river runs through Rothman's round-a-bout there. And there are stories of headless spirits roaming around there too... Another story is that, the place is one of the entrance for hell... so all the souls have to go there to check-in. Those trapped will be roaming around the area.

Later will update more.... gtg now...

#3, Just yesterday, was having a farewell lunch for my colleague in one of the one of those cafe in Taman Maluri Cheras. We were chatting and then we ended up talking about spirits and all... Both me and other colleague which can see these things also felt the presence of IT. I didn't see it but i felt the presence of 2 of IT. My other colleague saw it and was the exact same spot as I felt IT was. hmm.... apparently IT was there all this while. Must be someone who pass away there long time ago. 2 males. 1 old man the other i'm not too sure...

more to come....gtg now again...

#4, This happen some 9-10 years back. I was in the States for holiday staying in my cousin's apartment. One late nite, or rather wee hours in the morning about 2am, I was using the internet to chat with my fren back in Malaysia. Everyone was asleep only me left awake chatting all the way. The lights in the apartment was mostly off leaving just one or two lights on. Happily chatting away in the hall, then suddenly I saw a tall big size figurine waft through the wall. Stunt. I just told my fren. "Wait, I think I saw something". Looking at IT hovering through the wall and to the kitchen and thgough the kitchen wall to the next unit. Damn... I didn't eventhought I would see these things in the States. Tall and big build and he looks like a black man with bald head. I went to bed immediately after that. No more staying up late anymore.

The following morning I went around the apartment compound and guess what... on the ground floor, below the staircase, I've found, rice box with food and a spoon and a cup of water. Just like you see those chinese praying the at the road side during hungry ghost festival. Damn... I thought no one would do such thing in the States...

Sorry, I couldn't remember the name of the apartment. The location is in California. I will update the name of the apartment when I remember it.

#5, SS2 Petaling Jaya, intersection of LDP highway and Sprint highway. Near the Indian cemetary behind KDU and the vacinity. Anytime of the day, even bright sunny day, you can feel the chill of cold wind gushing through. Even then u walk opposite the entrance of the cemetary entrance along the houses. Try goin there different time of the day and nite and u will know.. hehehe... Historical record, there's a particular tree beside the cemetary along the LDP highway where a few cars has crash to that tree taking the driver's life. That tree till today still stands with minor scratches even the car was totally smashed up wraping that tree. FYI, that tree is not at all that big... That stratch has claim many lifes. Around 1 life per year.

Till the next story....

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Office Stranger

My office just located in between of Bukit Tunku, Parliament, Bank Negara and Lake Garden. That area is the only reserved jungle in Kuala Lumpur. The building is surrounded by tall and old trees. Most of the time we can see or heard wild animals around.

When I started work here, I used to stay overnight in my office just for my duty when needed, sometimes just for fun to accompany my colleagues. Our control center have to operate 24 hours per day.

One weekend night, it was heavy rain and I rushed back to the control center for my duty, the rain stopped late night and I decided to overnight next to the control room with my another colleague. He slept on a long table and I slept on a portable bed.

Into midnight, my colleague was snoring quite loud, and I just carry on my sleep. Suddenly I heard another snoring sound from the control center. The door between control center and the room I slept, I can heard the sound so clearly and I was wondering who else sleep there. That night just me and my colleague in the office only. Then I went to check it out, by the time I walked to the control center, the second snoring sound was gone. I thought it was an echo so I continue my sleep. Once I lay on the bed, the second snoring sound is back! I'm very sure the sound is from the control center, that time I just don't care anything and continue my sleep.

Another night, I went back to my office for duty again when heavy rain, this time the rain stopped early, so we decided to stand at the corridor outside for chit chat and smoke. During chit chat time, I saw another colleague at the other end of staircase going up to somewhere, I just let it be. The next day I asked that colleague I saw last night what he did going up there, he was shocked and answered me he never went to office last night! He was in the house whole night. So... who I saw that night?

One year during Hari Raya long holiday, at that time I was rushing to do my thesis for my part time degree, so I decided to stay in my own office room for few days to complete my thesis report. That few nights really challenging for me, I can heard many types of voices... footsteps, someone open my next room door, and the worst got the sound of OI!!! Sometimes I can smell some strange smell too. My own office room is different floor with the control center, no body will go up the that floor when it's out of office hour.

According my colleagues, every floor got different 'things', they already numb with the 'things' and just ignore it. Got one can change to someone's face and psychical, then I realized, maybe that night the colleague I saw was that 'thing'?

~The End~

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kid Hates Football?

Back to my school days, me and a group of friends like to play football every afternoon till evening. We used to play at my school's football field, sometimes we played other fields if the football field was not available.

One sunny and hot afternoon, as usual we went to our school field, it was occupied and we went to other field nearby, guess what, it also occupied. To release our itchy legs, we got no choice then went to a housing area playing ground to play our football. Then we started to play our game, it was so sunny and hot sun burning our body, we hardly see any clouds in the sky.

When we played until to the climax moment, suddenly the ball kicked out from the park and went into a drain across the road of the park. I was the goalkeeper that time and I have to ran across the road to collect the ball. When I reached to the drain, suddenly I heard some weird noise from a empty house next to the drain. That house was empty for years and it looks broken and down. Then I don't gave a damn I just collected the ball and back to the park continued our game.

After some moment the ball rolled to that empty house's drain again, then I went to collect it again, this time the noise is more clear and loud, I heard a kid's voice was crying and shouting in anger. I was stood for a moment, my friends heard that too and we all just stood there. Suddenly we heard dogs surrounding that housing area were barking and turn into crying sound. I felt something was wrong then I quickly collect the ball and ran into the park.

My friend asked where is the kid's crying sound came from? I just answered maybe is from other house and try to not scare everyone there. We took few minutes off for a short break and the noise was gone. After that we continued for our game, right just we started to kick the ball, the noise came back! This time is more louder and the dogs surrounding barked again with crying voice, at the same time the clouds turned dark and strong wind came suddenly.

I quickly stopped the game and told my friends we better get out of that place. We all went back home. The next day we were talking about it in school, one of my friend staying next roll of that house, he said at night no body dare to walk near that house because many people saw something from that house. I got that feeling too when I passed by that house every time. I asked my friend about history and story of that house, my friend don't know about it too, he just said he always tried not to use that road to go home.

After few years, got a rich fella bought over that house and renovated the whole house, since that we never heard any weird sound from that house. The road also turned to more brighter at night and everyone started using that road again. I never heard any weird story from that house since then until now. Maybe that rich fella find a 'feng sui' master to help renovated that house.

~The End~