Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Holy water??? !@#!$!@$#!#%#!%!

A quick post of my recent encounter...

This happens in my dad's office in USJ. This incident happen not too long back and is still happening.

Some lil rascal just love to springkle water out from the toilet. This was what I first thought.

I felt water springkled on my hands and face from the toilet entrance and I went to check it out. To what I know, no one went in and out of the toilet. But I still went to check it out and there was no one there.

In front on the toilet entrance there is a partition board about 7 feet high. When I felt the water I was behind the partition board opposite the toilet entrance. So I went to check it out. I was cursing an swearing in my heart "which idiot have nothing better to do than to sprinkle water over the partition!" I walk towards the entrance of the toilet and no one was there. I ask who was in the toilet, and guess what, no one was even near there, not even to mention anyone walk in or out of it.

I then felt strange and confronted my dad. He told me, "shh.... not so loud. don't wanna let the staff know, if not she will be too frighten". Then I was thinking..what the...ttooott is all this??? My dad said he felt it sometimes and the staff felt it before too.

Apparently, the tenant upstairs is playing with 'guai chai' or 'lil ghost'. They use the 'lil devil' to bring them more income. When this lil devil is free they are very very playful. There is an airwell in the toilet and the 'guai chai' can come down through it. I told my dad, why not ask the thing not to come down and disturb ppl. My dad told me he did but that lil rascal is just being cheeky. Told IT not to disturb the peace but he just wanna play in the toilet area and he will not go any further than that.

From then on, I felt it a few more times. This happens when the tenant upstairs move in about 2 years back. Guess what business they are running? Beauty spa for ladies.

They use to have a security guard at the door way of the entrance and the guard has complaint to my dad many thing up there. The guard left and many guards come and go... now they don't have a guard anymore.

Well, all I can say is good luck to the patrons of the spa.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Haunted School

Note: This stories is contribute by Pauline de Pianist.

There're many stories told by my friends when they stay overnight in school for cocurricular activities. I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but I'll list them down.

# 1 My friend who is a police cadet, he and his friends usually stay overnight at school for camping. The first night they only slept at around 5-6am, they heard some footsteps along the small road beside the school hall. At first they didn't really care about it, but later the sounds got louder and louder. And soon they could hear someone marching on the road. They were confused cuz everyone was sleeping that time. And so they came out and had a look. Nobody was there. They went back to their campsite but they heard the marching sounds again.but this time when they stood on the road, they still could hear the sounds very clearly. They were terrified of it and rushed back to the camp and sleep. Later that day they only knew that our school was once a Japanese army camping site where they would wake up early at that time to march in the field...

# 2 There was once an incident where someone committed suicide in one of the class in my block. Before that someone said that when he went to that classroom and find something, he saw a gal, facing the windows with her back facing him. He didn't know who she was and he called her. And when she turned her head, it's like 360 degrees turn. Like any human beings, he was shocked and ran out from that class. Now we can see there are Buddha statues in that classroom.

# 3 It's undeniable that because the Japanese army has killed a lot of people during the time, the dead bodies were dumped in our school. So previously, it was a cemetery before the school was built. Many things occurred in our school, there were cases in our gals toilet[the 3rd one] where they said it's haunted and those people using it at night would feel that they were being looked by someone. There was once case last year when one of our band member made fun of ghost and in the end the ghost went into his body. He was like suffocating that time. Lucky was that his friend called our canteen worker, who knows a lot of things in this school, to come and help them and solve this problem. Now he didn't dare to make jokes of ghost already.

# 4 My good friend,also my classmate who sits beside me related this story to me. She's a Chinese Orchestra member, and once she was the head of a camp. She and her members have to sleep in the school hall. Before that,they would go to the toilet situated near our bengkel to take a bath. As the head, she has to check everyone whether they were already asleep or not and also to check whether anyone still in the toilet. Alone she was that time. She told me that she remembered she had locked all the toilets to ensure nobody was fooling around there and that only she has the keys to the toilets.Yet in the morning,when they went to the toilet again, one of the toilets was opened and water from the pipe was streaming non stop,causing the whole place very wet. Everyone was shocked about that cuz they knew no one went to the toilet and is impossible that my friend would have done it since she is quite a careful person and was sleeping together with them too. Till now, it's still a mystery to her..

# 5 This one is true, I can say. Fengshui state that yin is always more than yang when it comes to cemetry, right? And because our school is built there. Is like the school has been cursed. Each and every year, one of the students who graduated from Form 5, will be sacrificed. Mostly he or she will meet in a car or motor accident. My eldest and my second brothers' friend died in the car accidents when they graduated from Form 5, or going to Lower 6. This year there was a graduated Form 5 student died in accident too, but i'm not sre whether that person is from our school or not. It's a pity where innocent people passed away just like that.I just graduated from Form 5 and so i'm always thankful to God that I'm safe and sound and i do hope my friends around me is safe too.just have to pray that this year will pass quickly..