Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Looking for Revenge

Note: This story contributed by one of my ex-colleague, Danny Ng. Many thanks to his contribution on this story.


This is a true story. It was told by my colleague who currently working together with me, last time same university with me. The year I graduated she just joined. It was year 2005/2006. That time she (my junior & my colleague now) is going to have her first semester final exam. So one day, as she walking back to her room at her hostel, she passed by a room not far from hers.

That room was occupied by two international students. Unknown of both of the nationality, she can only tell that both of them are Negro. So as she passed by, she saw one of them sitting near to the window and talking alone to the tree just outside their room facing their window.

My junior was staying at third floor that time. Let’s call my junior (YS). So as YS passed by the room and saw that, she stops a while. She was wondering why that Negro lady talking to the tree. Then YS just make her way back to her room. As YS reach her room, her roommate quickly grab her hand and tell her that the Negro just few doors away is suspected possessed by those thing.

The negro roommate was questions by few friends from the same floor and she also don’t know how to tell them. The Negro roommate just mentioned that she don’t even understand what language her roommate use to talk alone to the tree. She also mentioned that everyday around 7pm, her roommate will start sitting facing the window and talk to the tree just outside the window. For your information, YS is an Indian lady.

YS is also the committee members of the hostel she staying. After few hours that night, YS received SMS from her committee president who is a Chinese guy. The president told her in SMS mentioned that they already confirmed that Negro lady is being possessed and they are arranging 'bomoh' at that night itself to get rid of that thing. So he told YS try to bring her down to the hostel hall.

YS able to dragged that Negro lady down to the hall. As they arrive, there were 3 guys, whose actually are lecturers. But they are famous in ritual of getting rid of those dirty things in the university. They tied the Negro lady and start questioning her. To their surprise, the Negro lady actually talks in Mandarin. So the student committee president was asked to translate what the Negro lady was talking about. The conversation as below:

The bomohs: What you want with this girl? Why you possessed her body?

The G Thing: I don’t want anything from her but I want to use her to do something.

The bomohs: What you want her to do for you?

The G Thing: I just wanted to do things…

The bomohs: So what can we offer so that you will return to your place and not disturb her anymore?

The G Thing: I want to eat fruits…. Fruits which is in red colour.

So they gather all the red colour fruits. That includes apple and watermelon. The G thing ate the whole watermelon just in few minutes. After finish the watermelon, she said she won’t leave. She said that she wanted revenge. The bomohs ask her what revenge she wanted. Then she started to cry and she start to tell her story.

She was actually a Chinese student who died of suicide few years ago. She was actually being taken away by the university security guards (two of them) while she was walking back to her hostel late at night after study at library. The security guards rape her and after that drop her back at the roadside near to her hostel middle of the night that day. She ended up hang herself at a tree nearby her hostel.

She was crying badly and mentioned that she was the hope of her family and she is the only child in the family. Then the 'bomoh' also mentioned to her, if she uses that girl body to revenge, then it will spoil that girl future also. The G Thing stops crying and stared at the 3 'bomohs'. She said that she will still want the revenge no matter what and she will be back to haunt the security guards. After that, the Negro girl collapse.

YS went back to her room with shocking mood and also she has to study for her final paper the next day. After the next day, YS went back to her hometown for holiday as she already finishes all her final exam. After the semester break, YS already shifted to another hostel. One day YS met up with the Negro lady roommate and the roommate mentioned that she still talking alone to the tree sometimes after 7pm.