Monday, March 29, 2010

Disturbed By The Dead

Note: This is another post contributed by Purple~Mushroom.


This happened last year to my cousin Rachel. Her hubby (bf then) owns a pub in KL and on the day of the soft opening, one of the employees got killed by some indian morons. The indians came to collect protection money and the employee was trying to act hero by not giving them. He should have contacted the pub owners because money has been given to black market taukeh and also police for protection. But he did not and end up being beaten up by the indians.

When the beating stopped, this guy was having serious internal head bleeding and was having an extreme swelled face. The pub owners quickly send him to the hospital. My cousin Rachel followed to the hospital. The employee didn't make it even after the emergency operation and died the next morning. His body was sent back to Kulim for burial and the usual chinese rituals.

Now this is where weird stuffs happened to my cousin. On the night of the burial, Rachel was in KL. She was getting ready for bedtime. When she turn off the lights, lying on her bed, she could hear the sounds of 'tar cai and chut pan' - the chinese rituals and burial sounds. She was in KL and the burial ceremony was in Kulim... the exact same time and day. There were no other funerals at the place she was staying. Where could the sound came from?? That very same night, she had a nightmare where she was at the funeral and she keeps running away but only to find the coffin right in front of her wherever she go.

After this incident, Rachel realises something not right with herself. She keeps having nightmare of dead family members and does not feel well. She does not feel better even after seeing a couple of doctors (of course, she wasn't really sick at all). She went back to Seremban (her hometown) and asked her mother to bring her to see the famous Seremban Fatt Yer. (Fatt Yer is famous for catching ghost, happened many times to my family members including my own brother, but that is another story) Fatt Yer asked Rachel if she has been to any hospitals lately. Rachel says she has been to 2 hospitals, one where her uncle was admitted and another which was the recent case. Fatt Yer asked more on her second case, and asked Rachel about the man who died. Rachel answer that she did not know this man as he was only her hubby's employee, not a friend. She asked Fatt Yer what was happening. Fatt Yer told her that his soul has been following her and distrubing her. Fatt Yer gave Rachel a couple of prayer papers and after this, Rachel's life was peaceful again.

Now, do you believe this? I strongly believe because many such cases happened to my family members. We just don't know why the soul of the man who died came to distrubed my cousin Rachel. Maybe he wants her help? Or maybe he likes her?? No one knows why. Sometimes there are no absolute answers.