Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hostel Mysterious

Back in January 1997, I got offered to study at Polytechnic in Jitra, Kedah. As a new student, we have to stay at the hostel for the first semester. During the 6 months staying in the hostel, I encountered lots of strange things. I heard alot of the encounter stories from my seniors about the hostel, but I don't give a damn at the beginning.

On the first night, my roommate fell sleep already after the first day orientation which made us very tired. When I was about to sleep, suddenly I heard someone walking outside my door. I thought must be my next door student, but the sound keeps on non-stop, sometimes IT walked like dragging the shoe, sometimes running and jumping! I was really pissed off that time and I decided to get up and tell the person to stop it. So I was waiting at my door and waited the sound right outside my door, when I opened the door... I saw nothing! I felt strong cold wind blow after me, I was thinking... the corridor surrounding by all hostel rooms, there is no way the wind can blow to corridor. I checked on next door, all the doors were well shut, so I knew there was something wrong and I quickly close the door and back to sleep.

On the next day I asked my roommate did he heard the noise, he answered me he was in deep sleep and don't know what was going on. I still never gave up and wanted to find the answer... but until now I still haven't get it. The sound can be heard almost everynight! That's why I have to sleep with listening to my walkman that time.

During mid-semester exam, I can heard even more weird sound around my hostel. Got one time, I heard a group of kids were playing in other corridor which connected to other block of hostels. As we know the sound transfer between corridor will have strong echo sound. I was wondering, how come my hostel got kids? I never seen any kids around my campus at all during day time, where the hell they came from? I can heard they were laughing, small bicycle sound and marble balls sound. I purposely went to toilet for a pee to check it out, the toilet just right at the corridor, when I pass by there... I don't see anything and the sound slowly get faded.

I remember that time, a chinese radio station 988 used to have 'encounter' show for 30 minutes long on every monday night. Me and some friends never miss the radio show, we always gather in a room and listening to it. One night, after the show, we were still excited with the stories and we started to talk about it. I was a clear and hot night, we can see the sky was clear and stars are everywhere. Suddenly in less than 5 minutes, the weather changed so dramatically, strong winds coming and thunder glooming so loud. We decided to stop the topic, and guess what? The weather changed to normal in less than 5 minutes too! On that night, some of my friends were disturbing by 'uninvited guest'. They can't move or talk at all until they chanting bible words then they only back to normal! They told me on the next day, and they were fall sick at the same time.

On the final exam week, the weird sound even more scary! Got one middle of the night, I heard someone shouting very loud like very helpless, the sound was like very struggled, I quickly ran out from my room and see what is going on. I see nothing again! Normally if we made some noise, other students will come warn us to keep quiet, but I saw everyone were so concerntrate on their revision. That's really weird, because the voice was so clear and loud for so long, but everyone seems like heard nothing.

According to my seniors' stories, the block I stayed which is block C, got a student accidently dropped in the upper roof the reservoir and died in there. For block A, got a student accidently dropped off from the staircase, and for block B got a student suicide before. What I discovered about these 3 blocks of the hostel, on the top floor (3rd floor), they always leave some rooms empty and lock it very tight. Although still got so many empty rooms, but the warden always told us no more rooms there. Does the rooms are reserved for 'them'?

My other senior told me, they were staying at 3rd floor, that floor really spooky all the time, got one time he went to his friend's room just for chit chat, his friend saw 'something' walk by the door, his friend suddenly feld unwell and passed away following week with 'unidentify' sickness! Doctor also can't identify what kind of sickness.

During my stay for the 6 months, I continuous sick for 4 months long! After the semester, we all have to move out and look for room or house for ourself. When I left the hostel, my sickness getting well right after that... Thank god!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Room Service

This happen to me a few weeks back when I was in Ipoh.

Went to Ipoh for a weekend trip with a friend of mine. We put up 2 nites in one of the hotels there. As many already know that most hotels are haunted, and I have heard so much of these stories for many of the hotels in Ipoh.

This is not a g~file expedition. I went there for a trip and stayed in this relatively new hotel. I stayed there before and it was quite nice actually. Very clean indeed.

First nite I shared a room with my friend. I had kinda of rough nite coz I was woken up at 4am by terrible feeling. I thought I was about to get sick coz I felt feverish and was sweating cold sweat. Didnt bother and tried to go back to bed and I manage to grab some 3 hours of sound sleep.

Come second nite, we had to move rooms coz my friend's gf was around and they had a room all to themself and I had to sleep alone. It was about 1am, I was still doing some stuff, I had a visitor in my room.

Something just swift by. A white figurine. Wearing a type of dress, a long flair type. Didnt get to see the head or rather no head, just float swiftly infront of me and went to the bathroom. DARN!
I was telling myself this is not a good sign.... I had no choice but to stay awake until I finish my work. Then after a while I just walk to the toilet and check it that thing was still there... I needed to pee, what can I do le... so look see look see it was gone.... phewww... manage to pee in peace...

Thank God!