Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lady Ghost at Timber Factory

Note: These posts were contributed by Purple~Mushroom, many thanks to her contribution to this blog.


I forgot the year which this happened, but it was many years back when I was in secondary school. It happened to my mum’s friend back in Seremban, and it was the 14th of Month 7 (Ghost Festival).

For those who live in Seremban, you will know at the Rasah junction, there used to be a timber factory near the highway (I am not sure if it is still there now).

That night, my mum’s friend, let’s call her Jenny, was out with a few friends for drinks. As she was the only one driving, she send all the friends back home and the last friend was dropped off at the house at Seremban Garden.

Jenny is now driving alone and as she stopped at a nearby traffic light, she saw a woman in red in front of the traffic lights. Within a few moments, the lady in red appeared beside her car and knocked on her window. Jenny winds the window down and the lady asked if she could give her a ride. Before Jenny could answer, she heard the car door closed at the back ‘bum!’. She lady was now at the backseat of her car. At this moment, Jenny knew something was not right, but surprisingly, she remained very calm. She drove the car along the Rahang – Rasah road and then she asked in cantonese: “Why so late you are still out alone?”. The lady answered in a very agitated tone: “Why you ask so much!”

At this time, Jenny felt a bit worried and continue driving towards her own house direction, where she has to pass by the Timber Factory at Rasah junction. There was a traffic light there and it was red. Jenny stopped her car and asked: “Where do you want to go?” There was no answer. Jenny does not dare to look at the rearview mirror. Then she asked again “Where do you want to go?” No answer. Jenny took the courage to look at the rearview mirror and the lady was gone.

At this time, Jenny started to panic and her car kept dying off. Her hands were shaking and as soon as she reached home, she burned some incense and started calling her friends about the incident. She was shaking the whole night. The next morning, she found a lipstick at the backseat of her car. It belongs to non of her friends. Jenny threw it away as she is afraid that it might belong to the lady ghost.

Since that incident, Jenny heard people saying that some men who went drinking at wee hours in the morning did saw this lady sitting on top of the timber in the factory.

I believe that factory is haunted with this lady ghost and that night, she just needed a ride back to the factory. That’s why she hopped onto Jenny’s car and went off when Jenny stopped at the traffic lights in front of the factory.


K :y nno :D said...

GOD DAMN! respect that lady's courage! geesh... reminds me of my pass incident.. damn... freaking scary...

_butt said...

lady in red dress supposed to be more...'mang'? (in canto)

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i heard from klang is more scary

Huei said...

omgggg ok this is really freaky!

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