Friday, October 17, 2008

Creepy and Funny

Note: These posts were contributed by Purple~Mushroom, many thanks to her contribution to this blog.


These 2 stories are contributed by my cousin bother, Raymond.

Weird Encounter near Taylor’s College

Raymond used to study at Taylor’s college and he stayed with his friends at SS14. During 1999, one night, he and a bunch of friends went to the pool bar opposite the college to celebrate one of the guy’s 21st bday. As usual, a bunch of 19 to 21 year old kids… high and drunk.

So what happen is that Raymond sneaked out of the bar at 4am. He did not drive that night so he has to walk back to SS14. He walked towards the direction of Metropolitan College. There is bridge to cross to the other side to SS14. There used to be a big monsoon drain, now it’s a flyover. Not long ago, there was news that a body was found in the monsoon drain.

As Raymond was trying to cross the road and walk towards the bridge, he was checking his surroundings as it was really very dark. He looked to the left and right, no car then he walked towards the bridge. He saw a lady walking towards his direction and the way she walks is very unusual… like ‘kangkang’, something like how a zombie walks. He can’t see her face as it was dark.

Raymond thought “ WTF!! 4am this lady here crossing the bridge”. He started to panic. As he walks up the stairs, she walked down. When he past her, she stopped! Raymond continued walking and he can feel like she was turning around towards him. His heart started pounding fast and he did not dare to look around, worrying that she may appear behind him!

The woman made the first move by calling him ‘ah chai’. (Ah Chai as in ‘guy’ or ‘son’).

Raymond started to pick up his steps and run towards the petrol station. Then… this time, she really raised her voice! She shouted “Ah chai!! Oi tiu si fat mou!!?”


Riana Green Incident

Another story happened when he was staying at Riana Green. It was 5am and he reached home from a party. He came out of the lift and a woman’s voice called out to his name. The voice called him “Piow” which is his Chinese name. No one calls him that other than very close friends and relatives. Normally people say if you hear voices calling your name at unusual situation, do not answer if not after the third time. So he kept walking to his unit and then when he almost reaches the door, the voice called out his name for the second time, “Piow”.

He was like WTF!! and tried to open his door quickly. When he got in to his apartment, he looked out after locking the iron grill. There was nothing there and he cursed the thing in Chinese bad words screaming towards the direction where to voice came from: “Tiu niama lah. I never offend you please don’t disturb me!”

He stripped himself totally naked and took a shower, washed all his clothes and shoe.
This is what people say you should do because maybe you stepped on something and bring them back. Nothing happened after that. End of story.

Are the 2 stories above ‘potong stim’? I scolded Ray when he told me but I also laughed at the first story. I told him potong stim because no real ghost involved! But since I wrote this when he was telling me, I might as well share it. Haha!

*P/S: Stay tuned for real story from Purple~Mushroom...


_butt said...


the first one really potong stim :P

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

1st story may be she was really a human.
like chinese say
people scare people.

but if he encounter SOooooo many at nite
I advise him DO NOT stay out too long at night time

Pete said...

Ha ha, creepy and funny too.

K :y nno :D said...

erm... first story is definitely not human and not woman.. it is called "yan yew" (human ghost)...adui this teaches young kids not to go out so late la.. kena attack by pondan la...

real funny experience it is but not horror...just purely ownself scare ownself... hahahahaha

good one though...

Anonymous said...

hahahha, i still love it thanks for sharing.