Sunday, September 28, 2008


This is my first ever G-Files story which happened in Dubai. This is not really my own experienced story in Dubai but since high demand from readers, I just blog it out from my colleague's experienced. So far I still haven't encountered any 'special' happened to me in Dubai.

This incident was happening in one of our villas, the villa used to be my first villa (Named as Villa 1) to stay when I moved down from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. After our company staffs are getting more, the management decided to get few more villas and the first villa in Dubai I stayed have to let go for Muslim staffs to stay for conveniences.

We were the first tenant to stay at the Villa 1, the villa is still new and I don't feel any weird feeling during my stayed at the villa. Only the first day I moved in, I was about to enter one of the toilets and switch on the light bulb, the light bulb got burned and I heard like someone inside the toilet shouted 'ouch'! When I open the door I saw no body, then I tried to fixed the light bulb but it was unsuccessful. After I moved out from the villa, there are so many stories about the villa from my colleagues.

The first incident was one of my colleagues heard a woman was crying somewhere in the villa, he tried to figured it out but can't found anything. The other colleagues always felt someone was passing by his bed when he was about to sleep.

After some time, another colleague was fell sick for a long term, she can't fully recovered for months and getting weaker. At first she thought she wasn't fit for the environment in middle east and just keep on taking medicines. After few months she saw 'someone' is starring at her in her room during midnight at top of the room corner.

Since that she suspected that her sickness was due to the 'thing'. One day she was unable to go to work, so just stay at home for rest, during resting time, the air conditioner in the room was off automatically, then she turned it on again and then it off again. It sounds like someone was pressing the remote control to off the power.

Finally she decided to shift the room to another one together with her roommates. Since that she was getting better and the 'thing' never disturb her anymore after another housemate did some prayer in the house.

I not sure why it only happened in that particular Villa 1 for Muslim, according to another colleague who stay in that villa told me, this 'thing' only attack on someone who is lack of self-control and untidy person.

I seldom went to that Villa 1 since I moved to another villa, anyway I really had a different feeling when I stepped into the villa. Most of them like to go out somewhere for fun till late night, I suspect maybe that is one of the factor to bring in the 'stranger' into the villa. Furthermore the villa is untidy and quite bad conditions due to bad workmanship of builder, till now... the toilet light bulb still unable to fix even they called electrician to fix it.


pisang goreng 115,NF said...


that's really cool and hair raising even my pubic hair oso raise......

are they more chicken than us malaysian?

ki ki ki ki ki ki ki

K :y nno :D said...

bro... y the spirit scared of u ar? i think i know y la... it is a female spirit and it sayang u that is y didnt want to scare u...

_butt said...

gosh! the story where a woman saw someone staring at her across the room.... creeeeeeeeepy

_butt said...

LOL @ k:ynno:d comment!

Kenny Ng said...

How come my male colleague kena kacau pula? No wonder all gals see me also run away la... I look fierce to all gals... :(

Anonymous said...

hahaha..Kenny gals see u run away but lady ghost see u also run away wor... ??

Anonymous said...

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