Saturday, September 20, 2008

Passing By?

Note: Sorry for never update this blog for more than a year, I never have much time to update blogs since I has been transferred to Dubai for work. Furthermore my partner for this blog also too busy with his career, I just dropped by to check this blog and I found out we never updated since August 2007. Very sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for your support so far.


This is my own experienced encounter during my stay at a rental condominium in Kuala Lumpur years ago. I was joining my friends to rent a condominium somewhere near Old Klang Road, after a year we have to move out from Block A to other unit, then 3 of us decided to stay together again and we found another unit at Block B.

The first day we were busy to clean up our own room and common areas, then my friend did a simple prayer in Hindu style before we shifted in. The next day I started moving in my stuffs in my room, during arranging my stuffs all my housemates left the house for food, and I was just continue my arrangement in my room.

Then I closed my room door to fix up some wires for my power connection to my computer, when completed I straight away tuned on some musics and continue arranged my stuffs. Suddenly I heard someone was knocking my room door by using fingers, the sound was like using the finger nails and it knocked three times on my room door, the sound like 'krock krock krock'... I thought my housemate just came back, so I just opened my door to see what he wants.

The moment I opened my room door, I saw no body was outside my room! Then I checked around the house and I found no body in the house! I wasn't believe it so I called up my housemates where were they, guess what? They all still having their meal at opposite of the condo! From that moment, I just don't care about it and continue to arrange my stuffs.

Most of the time I was just alone in the house, both of my housemates like to go out till late night, but I always can heard like someone just came home but I saw no body. For example, I always used to came back home from work earlier than them, got few times during I took my shower, I heard someone just came back home, I can heard someone was opened the main door and walked in together with the house keys sound. After I finished my shower, when I came out from bathroom, I saw no body at home! So who was entered to the house? After some time they only came home, then I asked does anyone of them came home just now, both of them said NO!!!
They asked me why then I said nothing, I don't want them to get freak out of this.

Sometimes I felt someone passed by the hall when I was in my room with my computer, and I can assure you that there was no body except me in the house. Sometimes when I watched TV at the living hall, I felt cool air passed by from main door to window, the main door was closed and how does the cool air came from? If the cool air from window I will not bother about it. Anyway I just acted like nothing happen and continue watching the TV.

One time, one of my friend who can see and sense the 'thing' came to my house, after his visit he told me the house does have the 'thing' but it's no harm, it just passing by my house. It is because our house is empty most of the time compare to our neighbous all are family house. That's why I rared some fishes in the living hall to make sure have some living spirits in the hall, after that the weird sound was reduced, but I can heard my fishes get shock sometimes even no body in the hall.

Anyway, I still like that house, since I work in Dubai now, I no longer rent the house anymore, my friend is continuing staying at the house.


pisang goreng 115,NF said...

so that the house that you always telling us in your G-files....

I want hear G-files from Dubai....

If you don't mind sharing it

- j o d O i N k - said...

where is the house in old klang road that you mentioned cos i stay in OKR too and spookily, my apartments has block A and B....

_butt said...

ah, rear fishes to show that the house is occupied at all times.

yes, any G-files from Dubai so far?

Anonymous said...

Too many grammar mistakes . I wonder how would you be able to cope up living in dubai