Saturday, January 20, 2007

Places Where The Spirits Still Roams (II)

... Continue from previous post.

#6, Penang Island, the main road in between Union High School and Penang Turf Club, it has a slight corner on that stretch, used to be a deathly spot those days. Many cars banged to the same tree and died on the spot, the tree is not that big, but after so many accidents the tree still standing until now and only minor scratches. I used to passed by that road at night last time by riding my bike, I can felt extra cold although I still don't know that spot was the deathly spot. Got one time I was riding too fast and almost lost my control to that spot. I realised that when you drive or ride fast over that stretch, you may see the road is straight and not a slight corner. Now the local council installed barrier over there, but I still can feel 'weird' feeling everytime I passed that spot at night.

#7, Penang Island, Greenlane. A corner house next to the main road, now is a lamp deco shop. Last time was a resident house, but no one can stay long in the house. In day time the house looks very rotten and old but at night it looks nice like a castle. I heard that the house has changed many owners and none of them can stay longer. My friend stays nearby the house and he told me no matter how renovate that house, the 'thing' still haunting that house. To overcome the problem, now that house changed to be a lamp deco shop and all the lights will be on during night time. You can see that house just after the underpass and just located on your left at the traffic light.

#8, Penang Bridge, when the bridge opened for public not long (in mid 80's and early 90's), there have lots of 'weird' cases happened. My neighbour saw a dog running cross the bridge and he tried to avoid that dog then he hits to the divider, luckily he just got minor injury. How come have a dog running cross in the middle of the sea? Another case, my friend's brother was riding his bike back to Butterworth during midnight, in the half got a lady stopped him and asked him to fetch her, at the beginning he didn't felt any weight on his bike, half way through he realised that lady was headless! He rushed back home and the next day he fell sick for 2 weeks. Got one time I was driving in the midnight, I saw lights coming very fast from my mirror, I thought a car coming very fast and I switched to left lane to let the car pass, after few seconds, I don't see any car passing me and I looked at my mirror, I saw nothing behind me. Got many suicide cases on this bridge too, one of them was my English teacher when I was in remove class.

#9, Jalan Sultan Salahuddin, last time used to call Jalan Maxell, the road just in between of Bank Negara and JKR Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. When I was first year working in KL, during heavy rain at night, I have to back to my office for duty, my office driver came to fetch me and another colleague, when passed by the JKR office, I saw a person wearing yellow rain coat standing at the back of a building. That person was standing at 2nd floor at the back of a building. Then I observed the 'Thing' carefully, I don't see any legs and the 'Thing' was just like floating and the head was moving followed our car movement! Next day I went to check on the building, there is no access to go through at the back of the building. According to some of my colleagues, that stretch of the road really got 'someone' wearing yellow colour shirt walking around during night time or early morning before sunrise. They saw IT before!

To be continue...


_butt said...

ahh.. chen and angel might be interested in the stories ehehehe

heard of many things happen on Penang bridge also.. mostly suicide cases..

wow.. the last one quite scary eh, wearing yellow rain coat!!

K :y nno :D said...

kenny, the headless lady of penang bridge is so popular.... recent years didnt hear of it already... did they do any cleansing thing ar?

have u pass by this bungalow on ur way to batu ferringi? if not mistaken the name they use to call is Arora or something like tat. if u know that story pls tell... i heard they try to demolish that bungalow but failed... even with a boulder to detroy that bungalow but the wall didnt even crack then the boulder hit on it...

another one is one of the famous penang island ghost story about 'lansia' or rather the lady vampire head that prays on men... it is on small lil garden... very near to new world or 'sin seh kai' there...

Kenny Ng said...

haha.. u go tell them la :P Penang bridge really was a suicide spot last time, scary!

IT not only wearing yellow jacket, IT also wearing yellow shirt, everything also yellow.

Maybe recently heavy traffic all the time, the THING only appear when it's empty traffic.

Bungalow in Batu Feringgi? I'm not sure about it, heard that before but I seldom pass that side, so I don't know much.

about lansia, I also don't know much lah, but that island really super haunted place.

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

about the bridge when it first open
i heard that 'thing stop the motorist and ask way back to korea.....

they said it was the korean worker meet an accident during the construstion of that bridge....

Bill said...

Was doing a search on some haunted places & stumble upon this blog. I am from pg, I saw sum1 mentioning about the bungalow along the way to batu ferringhi, it is situated along the bend on your right just b4 reaching hydro majestic hotel. My dad told me this house is haunted but he does not know the history behind it. A bief desc of the place, the house is build such a way that it is same level as the road while you need to walk down the stairs to reach the sea below. There is a well below which is now covered in sand. Don't worry if u r afraid to enter the house, there is a path just beside the house to access to the sea/well area below. Just so u know, I went there around 6:30-7pm & 2 of my pics I took there has orbs in it(not sure if it is cos by the flash I used or dust particles in the air).

Another mansion worthy of your visit is the 100++yr old relau haunted mansion in Pg. Spooky place with a pool inside the house. I believe you could search for the video in youtube. The paranormal TV crew from HK came here for some filming. Here is an article from The Star

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