Thursday, May 31, 2007

Office encounter

Kuala Lumpur. Thursday, May 31, 2007. 2:50pm. In my office. Received a buzz in my phone and it was my colleague.

F: Whei. Come down quick!
Me: Go down for what?
F: Come down le. quick quick.
Me: Where? Which floor? server room izzit?
F: No. Just one floor down.
Me: okokok.

So I went down to see what is goin on. She told me that there is something downstairs in the server room. Apparently all the aunties on that floor knew that I can feel and see the g thing. So they ask my colleague to call me and get me to accompany her to the server room to check it out.

I asked her what happened. Here is what she told me. She was reconfiguring my BlackBerry in the server room. Whilst waiting for it to run, she went and do a lil packing in the server room. After moving some stuff she continue configuring the device. Then, she heard someone or something vibrate some metal sheet leaning on the wall. The metal sheet was shaken until it fell on the floor.

So, I asked her what does she want me to do? Even if I can see or feel but I can’t do anything. I’m no ghost buster… if I am I think I can make more money than sitting my fat arse here. But I did go into the server room and I told her a lie. I say where got la… nothing oso…

Here is my feelings when I enter the server room. As I have blog about it previously that my office has a live in spirit. He has moved from the 2nd floor ground floor. There are 2 small store rooms in the server room. When I enter the server room I have a lil uneasy feeling. Well, everytime I go near the room or the toilet behind also have this feeling, just that I won’t bother about it. So I went to see the mess that was made and evaluate the situation. Just put it this way, the metal sheets was placed firmly leaning against the wall. She showed me how the metal sheets vibrate from the inside and how the metal sheets fell on the floor.

I then went to scout in the store room and when I open the door to the store room nearest to the metal sheets I felt there is a presence of a being in it. Well I didn’t say anything and told my colleague it is nothing. Dun wanna scare her anymore.
She still didn’t dare to go into the server room alone. I had to accompany her until I my device is configured.

Well, what can I say, my office is housing this being for a long time. Reason I called it a ‘he’ coz he let me see him before. My bosses know and they feel it. They just wont talk about it. At times he will just ask us to stop what ever we are doin and get out when we are working late esp my colleague in the server room. They both knws there are extraterrestrials in the office as they were ‘disturb’ by it before.

-<-THE END->-


Kenny Ng said...

I wonder, why the g things like to hangout at server room? I heard many stories also happened in server room.

From my opinion, server rooms used to be very cool inside to keep all the hardware running well and long lasting. As we know the g things like to hangout at cooler places.

_butt said...

I wonder if all offices are haunted. kenny's got one I remember, and now you too.. geee *takut*

K :y nno :D said...

Kenny, talak tau la... but mine i think it is bcoz upstairs was too noisy for him already so he moved to ground floor. he hangs around in the server room as well as the toilet area where it is dark and cold.

_butt, hi long time no see u liao. well, this thing has been in my office for a long time. way way long time dee.. most places where it is quiet will have it. esp during nite time no one works and nobody in office.. so IT can find it's peace there. very common in hotels too...


pisang said...

you ask help from seekers...
they study about 'G' things....
the email you can get from at friday 9pm at NTV7.......

Sasha said... new office also got ler.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wah... i think i also wanna blog abt my parent's encounter la. Sometimes i scared ppl will say we are 'ci-sin'. But I know they all exist. SO many encounters by my parents!